1. Vikkiv2

    Is subs4subs worth it

    Hi friends it's just a quick question I wanted to ask you about the youtube subs4subs topic. These days they are so many website offerings these services. I just want to know is that worth it.
  2. Wahduhhec

    Comedy Any New Yorkers in the house?

    looking to meet up with anyone in the New York area to shoot some vlogs/pranks let a guy know.
  3. Wahduhhec

    I need friends like myself!

    I love recording, especially doing vlogs. But I always find MYSELF recording and not having a good friend to hold the camera for me... ever. It sucks cause I feel as if I can get way better shots and actually feel like im talking to someone if someone is holding the camera for me while I vlog. I...
  4. Crazy Boyfriends

    Vlog WANTED: Gay Couples Youtubers!!

    Hey there! We are a steadily growing Youtube channel and we're looking to do collaborations with other gay Youtuber couples in the New York City or Long Island region. If you live in the area or plan on visiting here then please let us know. We don't care about age at all. Channel size doesn't...
  5. Portajerzey

    300 subs

    It might not be a lot, but for me each subscriber is a blessing. I finally made it too 300 subs. It just makes me want to continue doing what I love to do, thanks all for you're support.
  6. TheLifeOfJorge

    A Day In NYC Vlog !!!

    Hey guys, hopefully you can check out my video & my other ones at my channel. Thanks! :)
  7. HereBeBarr

    Roosevelt Island- An Escape in NYC

    I vlog about one of my favorite places in NYC to just flat out relax:
  8. HereBeBarr

    The REAL Little Italy

    My vlog from an amazing Italian Festival in the Bronx, NY:
  9. Sonalib

    Brooklyn Botanic Garden is AMAZING

    I loveeeee being surrounded by flowers and plants, but i have a cat and most plants are poisonous for him. So any chance I get to be around plant beauty I take. This vlog is one of those times, I wanted you to enjoy the beauty with me. So check it ouuut and have a good time too.
  10. Munesh Ramnarine

    What are you doing?

    I make vlogs with my girlfriend every week. We explore a bunch of places in NYC and try to have as much fun as possible. I also make short films from time to time- I've always wanted to become an actor so now I just thought I should come up with my own ideas and see what happens. What do you...
  11. George Chen

    i would DATE me!

    Hey guys I just uploaded my 7th vlog! Come check it out, feel free to comment and subscribe if you enjoy the video. I'll reply as soon as possible.
  12. darkstarmedia

    That Time I Ended Up In New York. By Accident.

    ... again.
  13. xingcat

    George the Self Esteem Cat: New York Trip

    George had some business to do in NYC this weekend, so he brought us along. Check out his adventures on his first travel vlog!
  14. itsmeLori

    Vlog Tri-state area vlogger chat group?

    Hi guys! I'm thinking about starting a Whatsapp group specifically for smaller Youtubers in the NY/NJ/CT area, especially vloggers, to exchange support/ideas, etc. If you're over 18 and have between 100 and 1,000 subscribers, please let me know if you're interested!
  15. Jay Dilla

    Social Experiments/Pranks/Skits

    Anyone in this field? Would love to chat with people in the same field. Also curious if anyone is from NYC?!
  16. R

    Favorite YouTubers in NYC, CT, or NJ?

    Who are your favorite YouTubers in NYC, Connecticut or New Jersey? Looking for new local channels to check out...
  17. Tom Antos

    Beauty/Makeup Looking to collab with Make Up Channel in NYC on some cool music videos!

    I'm looking for MAKE UP channels to collaborate on a few cool music videos I will be shooting in NYC YouTube Studios at the end of this month. I am a film and music video director. Im also a YouTuber. Thanks! Please contact me directly at