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Hi everyone,

My name is Charles or my handle Soundbyte DJ. I produce music using Logic Pro X on the Mac OS X computer and have been doing so for the past 5 years and have been doing colabs here and there as well as creating some neat soundscapes. I am open to collab with other people who love instrumental music whether it be Chill or dance music My BPM is somewhere around 75-135. I haven't really promoted my channel very well, but if you'd like to message me about working together or at promoting each others channel it be a welcome edition to the creative process I have and maybe I might learn something from you as well. I learn little things that improve and make it easier/faster to create. I do have a Youtube channel. Not sure if I'm allowed to post my gmail address as that doesn't seem to be restriced or it's within the bounds of not promoting. Like I said if you'd like to message me here, hopefully we can do some creating.

Most collabs I do are with using one-shot samples and then improvising and letting creativity go from there.
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