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  1. S

    Music Instrumentals of any kind

    Hi everyone, My name is Charles or my handle Soundbyte DJ. I produce music using Logic Pro X on the Mac OS X computer and have been doing so for the past 5 years and have been doing colabs here and there as well as creating some neat soundscapes. I am open to collab with other people who love...
  2. P

    Music Collab wanted for music videos

    Hey guys, If you feel like collabing on a music video,video game related like a game tribute but with original song,give me a message in here My channel username is pluviaaeterna on YT if you want to see what I do What I want: You have more than 100 subs on your channel Keep the collab fun and...
  3. Bob Wallace

    100 subscribers reached and climbing

    My Classic Rock Ballads YouTube channel has reached it's first goal milestone. I now have over 100 subscribers. My 50,000 view goal for this count is surpassed by over 11,000 to over 60, 000 views collectively with 46 videos created and published. My videos are currently on nearly 700...
  4. Rahi Official

    How to play Going Under by Evanescence (Really Easy)

  5. Rahi Official

    A Breaking Benjamin Cover!!

    Check out my Breaking Benjamin cover and other videos! :)
  6. Elaine Yu

    Music Any drummers here for collab?

    Hi, I'm Elaine Yu and I play the piano. I currently have 233 subs and I'm thinking of doing a collab with a drummer and a different singer. I'm waiting for Green Day's Revolution Radio album to be released and then I'll see if I can pick out a song from there. If not, I'll choose a different...
  7. HenryS24

    Music Looking to do acoustic guitar cover upload for upload!

    Hi, my name is henry and I'm a pretty new to youtube. I was looking to do a upload for upload with someone. (preferably someone with a smaller channel like mine). I am looking for someone with a similar rock type music interest as me. (90s Grunge like Nirvana, Green Day and others like Jimi...
  8. HenryS24

    Music Looking to do a Nirvana Collab!

    Hi my name is Henry and I just started youtube. Please bear with me as I am very new to this and I am not sure how to really do this completely right! I have around 4 subs with one video and I play an electric and a acoustic guitar and I have a pretty good voice. I was looking for someone who...
  9. MagikMike

    MagikMike Song Mashups! Let me know what you guys think!

    Hi, I'm MagikMike and I create song mashups and occasionally other music-related content. Here is one of my mashups involving Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ariana Grande: Here is another with Linkin Park and Blink 182: Let me know what you guys think. Also, what other music-related content...
  10. C

    Music Collabs Needed for MUSIC REVIEW (not strictly albums or new releases) CHANNEL

    Hello! On my channel I talk about music (usually heavy metal related- but I also do some indie rock, shoegaze type of stuff- NOT POP MUSIC) from the point of view of actual album reviews, analysis of genres, lists of whatever albums or songs, etc. I tend to lean on more towards heavy metal and...