Music Looking to do acoustic guitar cover upload for upload!


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Hi, my name is henry and I'm a pretty new to youtube. I was looking to do a upload for upload with someone. (preferably someone with a smaller channel like mine). I am looking for someone with a similar rock type music interest as me. (90s Grunge like Nirvana, Green Day and others like Jimi Hendrix) We would post each others videos on each others channels and both each other a shoutout at either the beginning or end of the videos (We will figure out the smaller details like that later). I really want to get the ball rolling with my youtube channel and I think this would be a great start.
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Hey Henry, I do guitar tutorials on my youtube channel. Can you pm me on youtube? I have a lot of interest in this. My channel name is GuitarPilot. I pretty new to youtube, but i have been looking for youtubers to team up with.
Hey, I sent you a DM but i'm not exactly sure how to find those you can also message me on twitter I'll follow you and I'll dm you there