house music

  1. S

    Music Instrumentals of any kind

    Hi everyone, My name is Charles or my handle Soundbyte DJ. I produce music using Logic Pro X on the Mac OS X computer and have been doing so for the past 5 years and have been doing colabs here and there as well as creating some neat soundscapes. I am open to collab with other people who love...
  2. Jawad Soomro

    Music VOCALIST/SINGER Needed

    Hello guys! I am a Pure MUSIC LOVER. KYGO is my inspiration that made me produce a Music. I have produced a Music (mix of House, EDM and Synthpop) It starts from house bass & synthpop music (Verse 1) and slowly rages into Tropical House & EDM (Drop). So I was looking for a good singer for it...
  3. Aviion Music

    Hit 100!

    Just wanted to share that I hit 100 subs the other day and felt really good about it! I love my little community that is growing and invite anyone to come listen to the songs that I find! Have a wonderful day Aviion
  4. DeepU

    Music Collaborate ,Youtube , House Music , Channels

    Hey i search people who want to join in to make Deep U Channel a bigger and better Or who want's to collaborate with Channel's . If you interested contact me here or : Check the channel :)