1. S

    Music Instrumentals of any kind

    Hi everyone, My name is Charles or my handle Soundbyte DJ. I produce music using Logic Pro X on the Mac OS X computer and have been doing so for the past 5 years and have been doing colabs here and there as well as creating some neat soundscapes. I am open to collab with other people who love...
  2. Johnny Kenny

    Comedy Listen up...

    Anybody want to collaborate in the Boston/ Cape Cod/ Rhode Island area? I make videos. If you like them we can cross-promote each other's channels. Alright ducesWOW SOUNDS LIKE A BARGAIN :bounce:
  3. GiBrIs07

    Audio + Image for music channel Feedback

    Hey people, I've had a channel on YT long ago. I never really cared about it that much, but lately I'm committed to change that. I'm a musician (That's what I try to be haha) thus most of my videos are related to this topic though I have some random videos too. I myself consider audio on my...
  4. GiBrIs07

    Music Funky Fellows!

    Hi there people I'm looking for musicians who enjoy Da Funk. My influences go from Jamiroquai, RHCP, Incubus, Daft Punk to George Benson... I play electric guitar so mostly I'd like to find someone who plays bass but if you're also a guitarrist we can work together. For drumms I use Ezdrummer-Fl...
  5. Sarah&Fam

    I need a shove..

    I need someone to push me to conquer my dream. I suffer from extremely depression and some anxiety and I would like to harness it to make amazing content. But depression and anxiety make me want to curl up in bed and do nothing.. someone motivate me.. How do you get out of your funks?
  6. TV Harmonies

    Prince Tribute Review

    Hey everyone! Just wanted some feedback on what you think of our cover/tribute for Prince may he rest in peace. We'd love the advice and thank you all so much ! :)