I Need Help With Deciding Upload Frequency and Game Recommendations!

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Per D

The title says most of it but there's a little bit more to it.

I was doing Bloodborne and Fire Emblem playthroughs, the pattern being one vid per day and alternating each day. My Fire Emblem footage got all messed up and I don't think that re-filming it is the answer. So I'm putting that playthrough on hold.

Thus, I need feedback as to where to go with my schedule up until Dark Souls 3 comes out (on the 12th).

I actually covered this in my apology video for missing the Fire Emblem episode yesterday. I didn't get much feedback so I'm turning to your guys to help. If you're curious, it should be the newest vid or second newest vid unless you're reading this later on in the week. I don't think I'm allowed to post links here but it should be easy to find off of my channel page. I'll also summarize it here in case you don't want to go off-forum.

So, two major questions:

- Question 1: Upload Frequency and Pattern.
Scenario one: 12 episodes of Bloodborne.
Scenario two: 6 or more episodes of Bloodborne and either a short playthrough of something else of a few one episode playthroughs.
Scenario three: I begin releasing 2 episodes a day, meaning 12 episodes of Bloodborne, 12 episodes of another short playthrough.

- Question 2: Game Recommendations.
For a list of games I have available to me you're gunna have to see the video. It's a relatively long list.
But, basically, any short F2P games that'd make a good one episode fling or future recommendations for things to play after Dark Souls 3 would be what I'm looking for. Genre and what-not doesn't really matter.

Should you guys recommend I split evenly between Bloodborne and something else then I already have an idea. "The Stanley Parable", I've been told could probably be 5 episodes or less. But, a reeeeally long time ago I watch, I think it was, Markiplier play it so I won't be playing blind and it might not be a good playthrough. So yeah, back-up suggestions are appreciated.

That's about it. Thanks for showing interest! Hope to hear from you soon!
Scenario 2 for sure not only might it be kinda boring to see 12 eps of the same game I imaging doing only one gam would get boring for you too haha but as for what to play I'm unsure
I suggest not breaking your back over all of this. Maybe test it out. Play Bloodborne enough to have two episodes to do. Put one up, see how much attention your receive from that one. You want to be consistent. But putting too much can ruin the quality, which it does for several people.
@Tee Vee Lol, funny you should mention filming enough for two episodes... I sorta got carried away and before I even finished making my channel art I had already filmed 4 sessions. Sessions ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours worth of footage. It's gunna be quite a while before I film anymore Bloodborne since I'm now too far ahead of my release pace of 1 episode every 2 days or potentially one a day should the feedback suggest. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, none of my viewers comment so there's been no "call and response" situations I could have done anyways, so it's all good.

@mitchell scott And yeah, it does get boring only playing one game. But I can't even play anymore Bloodborne since I filmed to much initially. But at the same time I don't want to get in the middle of another long playthrough since DS3 comes out in a few weeks. Descissions, descissions. Not to mention what few viewers I have don't tend to leave much feedback if any. But now I'm just venting and possibly shaping the bias of other potential repliers here so I'll stop now.