1. A

    Video Editing software

    Hello, Need recommendations on a good video editing software (for windows 10). I tried a few free editing softwares and it's just lagging, and exporting time taking too long and then gets stuck or the program doesn't respond. So I'm looking for a good video editing software but not too costly.
  2. RetroMania

    NOOB Channel

    What's up guys, I just started a gaming channel where I'm playing old videogames, most of them for PC, PS1, PS2 and SNES. For now I do not have much variety of games but I'm trying to upload with the best quality possible so I would like to hear some suggestions from you guys, on what should I...
  3. S

    What is wrong with Youtubes Recommendations?

    Hi, I honestly just signed up to this space because of this and the fact it's just getting incredibly frustrating now. What is happening is no matter what I watch, filter or tune. The recommended section on Youtubes homepage keeps showing irrelevant stuff. I've heard and read from places in...
  4. Rolz

    Thoughts on this for vlogging?

    Hi guys, so I used to do primarily gaming videos on my YT channel however I recently did a Vlog and recorded some footage using my iPhone 6s I'm thinking of getting a Canon G7X for vlogs (I will be traveling a lot), it records FHD at 60 FPS and is quite compact (also has a touchscreen on the...
  5. CrimsartHD

    What recording software should I use?

    So at the moment I use Babdicam [Free Version] to record my videos, so I have to crop out the watermark but I would prefer to not have a watermark at all. Was wondering if there's any good free or cheap recording softwares anyone recommends. If it's of any relevance, it's for speedpaints.
  6. Kadelle13

    Laptop too weak for editing - help!

    Hello everyone! I'd be SO SO SO grateful if any PC geniuses and laptop lovers could give me a slice of their expertise with this problem... I used to edit on a standard desktop PC, nothing too fancy, lower price range. And I used a MAGIX editing software which ran pretty smoothly on said PC...
  7. Per D

    I Need Help With Deciding Upload Frequency and Game Recommendations!

    The title says most of it but there's a little bit more to it. I was doing Bloodborne and Fire Emblem playthroughs, the pattern being one vid per day and alternating each day. My Fire Emblem footage got all messed up and I don't think that re-filming it is the answer. So I'm putting that...
  8. MrDXZ

    I'M BAAAAAAACK! And needing good equipment...

    Hello ladies and gentleman. My name is Zach, AKA MrDXZ, and after a one year hiatus from YouTubing that was due to technical difficulties and personal reasons, I am thinking about doing my Chatroulette/Omegle videos again! But everybody always tells me I need a better webcam and, more...
  9. Rae Talks

    Recommendations for Nice, Cheap Canon Lenses?

    Hey everybody, Unfortunately my 50mm 1.8 lens for my T3i recently broke :(. Before I save up to buy another one, does anyone have any recommendations on others I should look into? (I typically just do sit-down type vlogs btw) Also, although the quality for this lens was really good, it was...
  10. nekonekomomo

    Microphone recommendation please ( for gameplays & vloggish videos )

    Hey guys! this is actually my first thread post (except for the introduction thread) and I just want to ask your opinion about microphones. I'll be posting gameplays, hauls, unboxing, and other vloggish videos on my channel. I've posted 3 vids so far but I'm just not contented of the audio...
  11. darkstarmedia

    Lighting Recommendations?

    Hey, guys! I'd really love your assistance here. My main issue with recording videos is sound and lighting - now, I'm learning how to use my microphone, but I am currently without any artificial lighting. My budget is looking at £50 ($70ish) or so for the time being, so I understand that it...