I Need Feedback On My Channel Art And Thumbnails


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Let me know. If you saw one of my videos in your recommended videos, would you watch it? also, what do yall think about my channel background?
whoops. my dyslexia kicked in. I saw the notification thing at the top and thought it said "Want your graphics/branding reviewed? Please post it here instead OF: Reviews and Channel Feedback Forum. Thank you."

lmao sorry
No biggie! They will fix it sooner or later.

and about your question. They aren't bad, clickbaity but that's just how it goes with YouTube nowadays.

Your banner is okay, better than a text one but still nothing to crazy in my opinion.

Although mines nothing to write home about so idk
I'd say the thumbnails are really simple and that makes them pretty bland, personally not something I'd click on. And, no offense, but MLG things are a dead meme now and I wouldn't think another MLG parody channel will rise like Pyro and NFKRZ have because even they moved on.
Channel Name: "Boss Engineer" - I like it!

Thumbnails: Not terrible, but some of the text is hard to read. There didn't seem to be any consistency. There's no way of knowing they're all from the same channel. The thumbnail I liked best from the front page was "Update Time! (How To Grow Your Channel With Me)" It was clean and simple, but the text was too close to the left edge and the face.

Banner: I like the picture in the top left, but the picture in the middle is boring. (Sorry.) I also think the text should be easier to read.