Hahahahahaha. Yeah 3 a week is cool, 4 a day is mad!!!!

Look, subs/videos is not a real indicator of anything.
Views and view time is better if you need to measure it.

At the end of the day Youtube is a slow burn for most. If you enjoy doing the vids then do it for yourself and the rest will follow.
I wouldn't pay much attention to the ratio. If your content is enjoyable and of a decent quality, people will see it and start sticking around!

Think of it this way too: the more videos you have, the more the random user can watch to see whether they'd like to watch you more often.
Hey guys! So I upload on youtube a lot! And I mean three videos a week and I kind of want to boost it up to four but I feel like that is more than the average youtuber.... right? But anyway, is it bad that I have more videos than subscribers, because most small you tubers and I mean under 100 or even 100 don't have more videos than subscribers and I need to know if I need to chill with my uploading lol.

And again I'm sorry for putting 3 videos a day instead of a week idk what happened

I am experience the same but don't upload lot. Just take a week off or have a schedule.
"supply and demand" bro theres no need to do daily videos if the demand for them is low, let ur videos breath on youtube, don't take it that seriously have fun and as long as u have decent quality you will grow! Also abit of personality goes a long way too
videos to sub ratio means absolutely nothing as rachel said.

its horses for courses. i get annoyed when a youtuber i love only uploads rarely (hello jontron) i think if your into something then you want to see more naturally

i am a crazy person. i am uploading 2 videos a day on average ish. one day i uploaded 10 videos :) it depends entirely on what your making. doing a written out comedy skit or documentary. then people will expect a slower upload scedule. people who follow lets plays usually do so on a daily basis (or every 2 days) because people like to follow along and they are easy to make

Vlogs are slightly different. if your making too many vlogs then your going to have less interesting things to say/show in each one because your having to fill the content. there is only 24 hours in a day afterall

i have done very well even with my heavy upload schedule because i was making lots of mini unit guides for a game. and people wanted to see them all

with a heavy upload schedule yeah you might lose a few subs. as some have mentioned. a cluttered subscription feed. i am building my channel on the fact my audience watches me for multiple different types of content. so they can just not watch the ones that aren't relevant to the game they are playing