youtube questions

  1. PMW

    Revealing subscribers after putting them on private

    Hello Yttalk, I would appreciate it if some one can shed light on why the subscribers still wont show on my channel. A couple weeks ago I put my subscribers to private and changed my mind later but after turning off the "set my subscriptions to private" option it still wont show. I thought it...
  2. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Growth after 1k subs?

    Hi guys, Soon my channel going to reach that 1k subs milestone.So I have one questions to ask you guys.Just curious to know.I heard that after 1k subs your channel grow a little bit faster than before.So my question is does after reaching 1k sub you guys see any extra push to your youtube...
  3. Malasia


    Am I the only one who's noticed that youtube has changed its channel banner size along with the layout of youtube all together? It took me 6 hours to make my banner, mainly because of sizing and im a perfectionist and now it's cut off and I have to redo it :crying::crying::crying::(:poop:
  4. BarbMollyTV

    YouTube Branding Account VS Regular YouTube Account...

    Hey guys! I have searched all over the internet including YouTube to see what the differences were between the "brand account" and the regular account I originally started YouTube with. Any input or any links will greatly appreciated!
  5. Amber lynx

    Family and YouTube

    Do your parents and or intermediate family know about your channel and your plans for it? If so are they supportive or confused much like mine? lol
  6. MechMaster

    Whats Your Opinion on Clickbait?

    just go ahead and leave a comment about what you think, i cant be bothered to type an actual sentence right now
  7. KantoGaming

    Making money off your content ?

    Honestly I've heard about people making money off their videos but I never understood how or how it actually works. I've heard about running ads on your videos, monetizing your videos, and maybe even joining a partnership like Freedom. (But I haven't heard anything good about freedom) I want...
  8. RavenAlixis

    I Have More Videos Than Subscribers

    Hey guys! So I upload on youtube a lot! And I mean three videos a week and I kind of want to boost it up to four but I feel like that is more than the average youtuber.... right? But anyway, is it bad that I have more videos than subscribers, because most small you tubers and I mean under 100 or...