1. helaanxo

    How often do you upload videos?

    Hey guys! As I'm just starting back up my channel I wasn't sure if I was going to have an upload schedule. I know it's good especially for subscribers as they can have an idea of when you're next going to post to give an idea of when your next video is going to be. So what is your upload...
  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

  3. A

    Gaming Looking for more friends to play games with!!

    I'm a 20 year old college student from Toronto, Canada. I played a lot of sports during high school and the main sport that I enjoy is basketball. Feel free to ask me about the NBA! What got me into YouTube was FaZe to be honest and how they do cut commentaries and montages. I feel like I would...
  4. H

    Starting to pick up pace! :D I got 100 views

    Iknow to many people this is not much but my first video hit 100 views and my 2nd video is about to hit 100 views too in about half the time it took for my first video to do it im so happy about that I also gained about 6 subs yesterday :)
  5. MechaJake

    My channel just reached 100 Subs + 7500 Views!

    Hey Everyone, I'm celebrating a milestone today of reaching 100 subs and 7500 views! :) Actually as I'm typing this my subs dropped to 99 but it's still a celebration! Really loving Youtube so far! My journey continues! EDIT: For some reason this site wouldn't take my youtube username when I...
  6. MickTurtleSoup

    A Humble 100

    I have only been doing YouTube for 4 months but I have recently hit 100 subscribers. I know it's not a huge number but I'm just so happy that many people are entertained by me! I mentioned it in one of my videos but I have not dedicated a video to it. Perhaps I shall make a milestone video when...
  7. Anjim

    Utilizing SEO Can Get You More Views On Your Youtube Channel

    Shout out to @Loki Doki and @Phil @ TubeBuddy
  8. Ruth Taylor

    New total !!

    I have finally got to over 70 subscribers yay !! I was stuck at 69 for a while now and now I'm at 72 ! Yay Getting closer and closer to 100
  9. Happybread

    hitting 50 subs :)

    Hey guys, recently i changed up my channels content, with more different stuff on the way and within a week ive gone from 27 to 50 which is awesome. Thanks everyone and have a great day. :)
  10. lifeofed

    Vlog Vlogger with 495 SUBS Looking for collab!

    Hey guys im a Forex trader who vlogs day to day activites. Check out my channel and see if a collaboration is something you would be interested in. HIT ME UP WITH IDEAS! THANKS :)
  11. LeatherArmchairSociety

    Need tips on how to grow a brand new channel!

    Hey everyone! We are The Leather Armchair Society and we just started a new channel about a week ago. We have nearly 30 subscribers that are 100% made up of friends and family, we are now ready to break through that and start building an audience outside of that. What are some things that you...
  12. Altairsfriend

    I feel stuck. How do you combat stagnated growth?

    Hey Everybody! Right now I'm feeling a little lost and could use some help. We are a new channel and I feel that our content is getting better. Our videos are getting a solid amount of views, which is great! But we haven't gained any subscribers in a little bit which is disheartening. So I am...
  13. TheGamingJNY

    Gaming Collab Opportunity for Channels of all sizes

    Hi, My name is Jennifer and I run the YouTube channel TheGamingJNY . I currently have over 200 subscribers and growing. On my channel I make of gaming videos of all kinds. I am interested in working with other people on my channel to help both of us grow. I have worked with other channels...
  14. Altairsfriend

    What is your hook that gets viewers to subscribe?

    I'm still trying to find mine, and was curious to see if you guys would share. I'm still new to this whole thing and I could use some pointers to help grow our small channel. Thanks!:biggrin:
  15. Altairsfriend

    Getting more Subscribers.

    Hey everybody, I'm proud to say that my last two videos have gotten well over 100 views. The first got that amount in a week and the second (which was released today) reached 100 in less then 2 hours! This is great! But I at least right now haven't seen a increase in subs. What are you all's...
  16. DTay Chaos

    Channel Growth and Gaining Subs and views!

    Hey guys lately ive been trying to grow my channel using tips videos somewhat advertising and what not my channel in my opinion has - good content/quality - good commentary - pretty decent thumbnails - most call to action in some vids ive tried sharing my videos not as much to reddit cause...
  17. Anjim

    Does Adword Boost Your Subs And Views?

    I was just wondering should you invested in some money and uses google adwords to get your channel off the ground quickly. As for me, I am investing right now on adword to promote channels and I don't want my bank account to be clean that's option 2. Option 1 is collab, networking and creating...
  18. Jordan Levy

    Not Going As I Planned...Should I be doing more?

    Hi everyone, My name is Jordan Levy, and I am 15 and am a singer/dancer/musician. I started my channel over a year ago, and I post as much as I can. I have an EP out on iTunes as well as YouTube, and am releasing more music soon. I promote myself on as many platforms as possible, but my...
  19. RavenAlixis

    I Have More Videos Than Subscribers

    Hey guys! So I upload on youtube a lot! And I mean three videos a week and I kind of want to boost it up to four but I feel like that is more than the average youtuber.... right? But anyway, is it bad that I have more videos than subscribers, because most small you tubers and I mean under 100 or...