How often should I post


As a youtube gamer I post twice a day everyday I can easily keep up with making this many videos and I really enjoy making every one of them but some people have told me this is to much I have based my twice a day schedule off of a youtube that inspired me to start my channel but is this really to much even if I really enjoy posting that much
Hey man! Didn't realise you was on YTtalk. It's good to keep posting, especially if you have the time. A lot of people love it when you tubers double post, but maybe try 1 a day for a while and see how it goes! :D
Yeah thank you I really do love making my videos and I figure a good way to get people to see my stuff is to make sure I'm posting it
I'd stick to 1 a day max and focus more on production quality. I think some audio editing will go a long way and allow you to spend time on videos, but with more attention to detail.
It seems like you're still new to the YouTube scene. I would suggest you focus more on improving the quality of your videos instead of cranking out more content. Just a quick glance of your latest video, I highly suggest you invest in a better mic setup, improve background noise, add more commentary throughout, and find a better selection of games (Freddy is overdone. Unless you can add a more lively commentary so that people are watching more for your commentary than the game itself). Best of luck!
I was waiting for my audio stuff in the mail actually just got done setting everything up its improved a lot
Since you can manage 1 a day, I'd recommend sticking to that to pull in the most viewers, if they know there is a new video daily then if they're interested in your content they'll check back. However if views start to decrease then maybe upload 1 every 2-3 days to spend more time editing and adding more quality to videos. In my eyes, quantity < quality. That's why I have a Monday/Friday schedule so I can spend more time editing and thinking of video ideas.
Yeah I was waiting for my setup to get here first but I have been playing with it so I know how to use it it won't show up till my second video Sunday since I already got all my videos schedule up till then