1. Sony1210

    The best posting advice!

    A lot of Youtubers know to set their posting schedule according to their Analytics but to those of you who don't know, it is one of the best things you can do for your channel. Don't post randomly. Post when your viewers are at their peak. Every channel is different so don't post when another...
  2. Quick Question

    Facebook Videos - YouTube or Native?

    Should I post the YouTube link to Facebook or should I upload the video natively? Or both? What do you do and why?
  3. The_Man_XX

    Best Day To Post a Video

    I was wondering which day of the week is the best to post a YouTube video. So that you can get the most views on it. Which day of the week do you post your videos?
  4. cheekers

    How often should I post

    As a youtube gamer I post twice a day everyday I can easily keep up with making this many videos and I really enjoy making every one of them but some people have told me this is to much I have based my twice a day schedule off of a youtube that inspired me to start my channel but is this really...
  5. Bomber Brigade

    How many videos should you upload a day?

    It's a simple question lol. How many gaming videos should you upload per day? I've only been doing one video a day(mostly because of my poor upload speed). For starting out and trying to gain an audience is it better to just post one video or 2 per day? How many videos do other gaming...
  6. LyanGamer

    Have You Discovered a Best Time of Day to Post?

    I have been posting videos for a little over a year now and have always asked myself if there is a better time to upload than others. If anyone has had increased views by posting during certain times or what have you, or know anything about getting discovered that a newb like me might not...
  7. Freshly Finished

    REDDIT & Twitter??? Your thoughts, stategies and techniques

    Hey Everyone, I have recently picked up Reddit and well am trying to get more involved in twitter, however... MY LORD ARE THEY CONFUSING lol. Reddit: The one thing i have found on reddit so far is to title your posts as if you were titling a news paper. Dont ever share a post saying "My New...