How many videos should you upload a day?

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It's a simple question lol. How many gaming videos should you upload per day? I've only been doing one video a day(mostly because of my poor upload speed). For starting out and trying to gain an audience is it better to just post one video or 2 per day? How many videos do other gaming channels(You guys) post per day?
You most definitely don't need to upload more than 1 video a day when starting fresh! Uploading more than once a day might seem a bit like spam to your subscribers. Honestly I think around 2-3 videos a week is a good start, however if you'd like you can upload daily because this shows that you are motivated to creating content without being spam like!
Hope this helps shed some light.

I'm only subscribed to like 50 channels in total on youtube and i wouldn't subscribe to someone who posts more than once per day. To me thats spam. And gaming besides daily vlogging is obviously the genre where you can generate alot of daily content but i'd just keep it at 1 video per day.
I'm currently at 1+ videos a day. So i have LPs recorded, uploaded and scheduled, but then if soemthing interesting comes along during the week i'll just do a video on that and upload it as well
I think its different for everyone though, since youre a gamer, you could do 2-3 times a week. But at the end of the day, it's really up to you. My channel I like to stay at 1-2 times a week since my channel consists of vlogging/adventuring. I'll have to check your channel out as well :) good luck!
I'd say that if you upload more than one a day, your audience might become overwhelmed by the volume of videos and they might not watch them.
I am just starting to get consistent with uploading gaming videos. I learnt that if you keep playing a game for too long(especially lets play) the channel gets boring. So uploading videos once a day at 20 to 30 minutes per video would let get you through the game to go to another one fast without spamming. Currently I play shadow of the tomb raider, it is a long game so I am going to start uploading once a day or once every other day.