How many subscriber do you have?

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This thread is just going to go on forever and ever and isn't what this section is for. Let's keep this section with real YouTube discussion. :)

To see how many subs or views a member has, simply browse the forums and click on member's channel link. That's what they're for. No need to start a thread :)

Members may also put their sub and view count in their signature using 1 of 2 methods:

1) Manually type them in your sig ( for free
2) Purchase the "Goals Signature Access" for $25 of virtual YTtalk cash from the shop. Once purchased you may add your goals by visiting your personal details page ( and adding in your goals there. Your goals will show prominently with colours and a frame.

Members may also report their sub and view count milestones in the milestones forum. Please make sure to read the milestone rules first ( ) to check that it is indeed a valid milestone.
Not open for further replies.