How long does it take you guys to make video


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Hey guys just wondering how long it takes you all to make a video on your channel, personally for me it takes like 30 mins of editing and about 5-10 hours of getting clips from gameplay. Do you guys think this is a long amount of time for making videos because it sure takes a long time to get all of the right clips.
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Depends on the video, we usually film for about 2-2 and a half hours (we film 2 videos in a day) and then spend as much time as it needs to edit it some more complex videos are longer than others.
Depends what your making. I recorded video edited and uploaded in 5 hours today for my last upload. That was the fasted one I've ever done. Usually take me a couple days but mostly because I don't get on with it. I was working on another video earlier this week for 4 days which I gave up on in the end as I was getting nowhere and didn't like it.
To write the script, find footage (I already have lots archived now so it makes it easier), record and edit audio, then edit the video and make thumbails takes me roughly 6 hours to do for a 5 minute long video. Time will surely drop down to 4 and a half hours for a 5 min video after I get a good library of archived footage going.
Seems like it takes the majority of us about the same time to make videos. It's good to know that I'm not the only one that spends a whole day to make a video sometimes. I also believe as I get better at my game, I will get good clips faster to put in my videos.
For a music video, it usually takes me 1 day each to make the backing track, record the violin parts and edit the violin parts together, master / optimize / re-edit the tracks, drive to a location and record the video, edit the video and upload / write the about 5 - 7 days (usually around 8 hours each day) spread out over a few weekends. :eek:

Tutorials are a breeze tho. 1 - 2 hours of filming and about 2 - 5 hours of editing / rewatching the loooong video, another 2 hours of uploading, 1 hour of YouTube optimization stuff, and it's done... :p
Wow Katy you are really dedicated to your channel with that passion in your work and YouTube I'm sure you will do great. It's really cool how you go to different locations to record your videos. I wish you the best on your channel. I really do admire the amount of work you do for your channel.
well my videos take like an hr to record,maybe 1 to 2 hrs to edit and for me it takes like an hr to render depends on length though. and the thumbnail takes like 45 mins depending how good i want it.
It all depends on the type of video I am making. If I am making an amazing moments or fails video it takes a bit longer to edit and get things together compared to a live commentary of a game. I tend not to edit the live comms much coz they are normally 90 percent complete with just the gameplay.

But a few hours including the gameplay and editing can make a quality video.