rainbiw six siege

  1. F

    Gaming ///// Looking For *PS4* Youtubers /////

    Hello my name is Fancy and my channel is Genix Gaming rn at 227 subs. Looking for other youtube to collaborate with. Im mostly looking for people who play For Honor, Apex and Rainbow Six Siege. My PSN: FancyCharmander *if you friend request me please put Yttalk in the message or else Ill ignore...
  2. Ty Pedersem

    Gaming Looking For People to play Rainbow6 for a collaborator

    Need 1 person to do a collaboration with for my Twitch and Youtube Video on xbox. Reply if your interested
  3. jamsterkid

    Rainbow 6 Siege - Funny Moments

    So I'm just getting back into things after being away from YouTube for a long while. I had an old channel and got to about 1500 subs, but I got inactive and stuff. I'm being more lenient with this, going for quality over quantity on videos. Let me know your opinion?
  4. O

    How long does it take you guys to make video

    Hey guys just wondering how long it takes you all to make a video on your channel, personally for me it takes like 30 mins of editing and about 5-10 hours of getting clips from gameplay. Do you guys think this is a long amount of time for making videos because it sure takes a long time to get...