How do you plan your videos?

I keep all my notes on my Evernote app, which syncs in all my devices and computer. I write basically everything there, which I highly recommend because sometimes I'll get an idea for a video while I'm out.

I built my channel with 7 types of videos so naturally I have 7 main playlists. My goal one day is to do this full time and be able to produce 1 video each day and have a day dedicated to each type of video. Now since that won't happen for a very long time, I just make whatever video I'm in the mood for. But since I'm really striving to grow at the moment, I'm producing videos now that I hope will be searched for many years. I also look at what videos I have made in the past that were really successful, and highly consider making similar videos along that topic.
I make music, so I usually plan what kind of music I'm gonna make. And if it's gonna be royalty free or not (the royalty free stuff is usually simpler). Then I just come up with a melody or chords or whatever and get to work.

Oh, and always one piece/song or video at a time :). And I don't really stick to a schedule.
I'm just new to making videos and my content primarily depends on some good gameplay as a gaming channel. I tend to plan ahead for 2 or 3 videos but not much more than that so far. 1 month in my youtube channel!
I honestly don't plan really... I mean I have all my videos via playlist and such but I never sit down and plan what we will do on the video XD we just go with the flow and be like well let's just upload this whenever!
I lost control with planning. Now i have two dogs and one toddler and it's hard to work with them ( they do not listening me at all when we are together ) they say....never work with kids and animals :)
Yup, I usually plan one video ahead and record it ahead of time so if there are any last minute changes I can still do it. I do know some people that plan about 5 videos ahead and record all 5 so they can publish it whenever they are out and about or they just don't have the time to record and edit.
On a typical day, I'll get 1-5 comments suggesting a song or video for me to do. I add them to a TXT document on my desktop and then tell them, "I've added it to my list for me to check out." I found that if I don't tell them that, they'll request the same one multiple times on multiple videos. I also have an online schedule on Google Docs that shows the date and day of the week of each video next scheduled to be published, as well as the username of the person who requested it. All the videos on that online schedule are already done, uploaded, and scheduled to be published. My videos go up every other day, including weekends (one just went up 2 hours ago). I'm already scheduled out to late April.

Whenever I have time and I'm in the mood, I go to my TXT file and look up the next one on the list. I check it out, sometimes try out some edits if I'm unsure, and ultimately decide if I'm going to do it or not. Most of the time I do, and when I have it done, I delete it off the TXT file and add it to the bottom of my online schedule. Then I reply back to the person who requested it that it is done, when it will be up, and I direct them to check out my schedule so they can see why it is going to be so long until their request is up. That way they also can get excited about what is upcoming and it gives them more of a reason to subscribe if they hadn't already.

Whenever I get an idea of my own, or some family member or friend recommends one to me in person, I do that one before the next one on the TXT file and add it to the end of the online video schedule.
I usually come up with about 10 different concepts and narrow it down to the best 5 or 6 ideas. I then write scripts or outlines for those. Then we cast and schedule shoots. Then edit. Then release. :D