1. G

    Analytics Giving "Bad" Data?

    Hello everyone, Quick question to see if others are experiencing similar issues with YT Analytics. When going to "Overview" and researching deeper into individual videos or playlists, at the subscriber box in the bottom right corner, is this how many subscribers subbed to your channel because...
  2. A

    Description of Playlist

    Hey guys, do you add descriptions to all of your playlists? And how long should it be? How many words?
  3. F

    Youtube on PS3

    Hi Im not a gamer and got a PS3 for free from a friend. I use the console to watch and listen to music on youtube, but when i have found a video i like, its not possible to save it to some of my playlists on youtube Fredrik
  4. K

    Playlists within a playlist

    I notice some channels have more categories in their playlists other than the "Created Playlists" A channel by Bio Rad Laboratories does this. how do they get playlists within a playlist?
  5. Bennett's Playtime

    Playlist Strategies

    So, I just watched (and then re-watched) Derral Eves Decoding The New YouTube Algorithm 2017 - How To Grow Fast on YouTube Pt. 2. He talks about playlists and playlist strategies at 25:11, 33:45 and 37:00. And probably a few other times too. He has a lot of interesting points. The one I want...
  6. ShawnMcCallum

    Does my Channel Design work with playlists!?

    My channel has a variety of videos on it. Comedy, Vlogs and Shorts and travel films. I'm trying to curate the content on the home page with playlists so viewers can see what they are most interested in at a glance. Does this work, do you guys even check channel pages or just check most recent...
  7. SeanFace101

    What happens when i tick: "Set as official series for this playlist"?

    What does having the option "Set as official series for this playlist" do to the playlist? Whats the difference between a playlist with this on and one with it off?
  8. KiddieToysReview

    How do you plan your videos?

    Howdy Y'all, As an overall strategy to plan your future videos, what do you do? Do you plan out 1-5 videos, or 10-20 videos out front? Do you plan based on a overall topic for all your videos, or specific playlists with highly related content? Do you do "1 off" videos that don't ft your other...
  9. ShawnMcCallum

    Channel Playlists! Finally made some channel playlists, what do you think!?
  10. ImSoLugo


    I'm Just curious as to how to utilize playlists properly. I wasn't able to find a thread about it. If any of you guys have an idea. It would be so helpful for me and other you tubers to understand how to utilize that tool better. Me personally, I have used it in the past to group a certain...
  11. It's Lenka

    How to create multi-language channel?

    Hey guys! I'd love to create a multi-language channel. I'd upload videos and create subtitles in various languages. Then I'd love to create a separate playlist for each language, where when people who speak that particular language can watch it and it automatically turns on the subtitles of...
  12. KiddieToysReview

    Mixed Playlist & Getting Visitors

    We have seen a popular channel do something with playlists we have not seen often, and are wondering if it helps them to get viewers/subscribers: They create a playlist, lets' say "Play Doh Toys", and add several of their own videos into the playlist. Then they add other Play Doh videos with...
  13. FraYoshi

    Channel Intro - Explanation

    In this intro I explain my channel's Home-Page :rolleyes: