Im 23 and work full time so i usually try to make all my videos on my days off and just schedule them to post on days i work
Just use it as a hobby, and if you really enjoy what you do you will find that you spend most of your free time doing something related to youtube (recording, thinking of ideas, replying to comments...) But whatever you do, don't prioritise making videos over exams for example, because they are more important in my opinion anyway
well i recently quit my job about 2 months ago to focus on my dancing career full time.But now that im not working i have tons of time to make videos for my channel. i only have a few other hobbies my dancing being the most important but im also very interested in fitness and overall nutrition.
Basically have a life, and do Youtube in your free time. Put school and homework and exams and all that as top priorities, and do Youtube whenever you're done with that. Just don't forget to hand out with your friends once in a while too.
Only do what you can I suppose. I only do one video a week because I am quite busy - and extra busy currently so I might not even get one video done this week :( When I started I spend a lot of time looking at analytics and looking for ways to promote my videos and things but now I spend less time doing that.
Right now I'm in my exam season where I have very important finals exams so I put my YouTube on pause and will be continuing after that is done. YouTube will be there when I get back but I have to use now to study.
I know other YouTubers can balance the two and still do really well on their exams but I know that I don't have the capacity to make great content and focus on exams.
Surprisingly my Subscriber count hasn't significantly decreased since.
I will use the present to focus on exams and then afterwards I'll be so free to make great videos.
There is no balance. There is only YouTube. ONLY YOUTUBE!!

Haha well all kidding aside, I work on my channel when commuting to work and on lunch break. Impossible to do it at home because I have kids
I'm 21 and I've just started my first year in university, before that I was working for 2 years.. I've been on YouTube since 2013 so I've had a lot of experience on how to balance life and YouTube and it's a hell of a lot easier to do if when you're working tbh! (I didn't work a massive amount of hours a week which also helped)
Now I'm at Uni I'm finding it much harder to balance everything since I have to balance my actual Uni hours (which including travel time is 8:45am - 6pm), working at home, social life relaxing AND YouTube, which is more than when I was working which was just work hours, Relaxing and YouTube,
I honestly find the best way to balance everything is to set yourself goals, planning videos in advance, filming in bulk and setting aside hours in the week to commit to working on videos, almost like a job, and if you're feeling to stressed out you CAN take a break, nothing is really on the line!