How are there Youtubers making money without ad's or sponsorships?

Correct me if I'm mistaken but isn't it the full length commercials, one where people have to sit and watch the whole thing the ad's from adsense that generate income?

Ads before the video (skippable and unskippable) make the most money, but the other ads make money too. She gets over 100,000 views per day. - She's earning good money. :)
I reckon a lot of people are falling back on things like Patreon or selling merchandise. I would think that with 100k+ subs, you're bound to have that small group of people willing to support you.
The ads at the bottom still earn money. but like the one person said people have patreon accounts to help support them as well
Tana Mongeau, she has a cool channel, I like it. But I randomly realized I never saw an ad and she is vehemently against sponsorship.

I didn't watch her videos but I checked her instagram - one of the most recent pictures is product placement! I couldn't find more (not that I checked them all) but she is may be cleaning them periodically. I guess there will be more product placements in her other social media and YouTube.
I had a skippable beginning ad pop up with one of her videos, too. ^_^ I think we can technically monetize a video with only the display ads (???). That would put an ad to the right of the video, above the video suggestion list. I think that particular ad blends in the best as far as ads go -- mostly because I'm used to an ad being there since around 2008. I'm not sure how much money the display ads make in comparison to the skippable/overlay/non-skippable video ads, but I'd assume it's much lower..... I have seen a few bigger YouTubers leave the ads off from many of their videos, but they almost always either have a Patreon account, or are selling products of some sort. I've also seen some pretty ingenious product placements! I like watching some of those videos -- YouTubers can be so creative! =)