How are there Youtubers making money without ad's or sponsorships?


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I am seeing an onslaught of newish youtubers with 100K+ subs and I have never seen any ad on their videos, not even the bottom, and they never have sponsored videos. But it is obvious they are making money somehow. And a lot of it because they claim to be full time youtubers? Is this possible? Because ads are ugly and sponsorships are essentially selling out. It would be cool to avoid both. Also, I do see they are part of MCN's does that play a part? Thanks :)
..Do you happen to have Adblock installed?
If not, big youtubers without ads are rare. Casey Neistat is the only one that springs to mind but he still does ads just in more creative ways.
... you've got me there! I have no idea how they're earning from YouTube without those two things.
If anyone can enlighten me, I'd be very interested!
Tana Mongeau, she has a cool channel, I like it. But I randomly realized I never saw an ad and she is vehemently against sponsorship.
Correct me if I'm mistaken but isn't it the full length commercials, one where people have to sit and watch the whole thing the ad's from adsense that generate income?