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-Here is some of my work there is moreinformation under the graphics:
View attachment 37795 View attachment 37796 View attachment 37797 View attachment 37798 View attachment 37799 View attachment 37800 View attachment 37801 Hey guys my name is CubuZi and if you have problem of finding a cheap of free graphic designer i can help you with that.I can make you free:​
-gaming banners
-simple 2d banners
-minecraft banners

-gaming thumbnails
-minecraft thumbnails

-Minecraft profile pictures
-Minecraft Wallpapers
Can you make me a minecraft avatar? and can you make me a YouTube channel art for my YouTube channel? If you can please contact me either on the forums or skype: xiaoliangsheng1.
Hey, I'd love a nice banner and profile pic! If you message me I'd be willing to talk with you! I have some ideas of what I'd like if possible! Thanks!
Hey can u make me a banner my skype is facebook:undeadzombie04 so we can talk about it[DOUBLEPOST=1479431385,1479431178][/DOUBLEPOST]hey can u make me a banner for my youtube channel my skype is facebook:undeadzombie04 or twitter is @ExtoicGamer
Hey Chooka :D I'm in love with your art work right now, I would like an profile picture and a banner if you can. Right now I need banner the most. Add me on skype GooeyGoo12

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