graphic designer

  1. B

    Request Looking for someone to make me a free banner or logo

    Hello I'm looking for someone who can make a a banner and a logo if someone dose make me one make me a scary banner and logo if you do My discord Itz_Brandon_MC#7370 Skype Itz_Brandon_MC
  2. JayyDaGawd

    Constructive criticism needed!!!

    Hey guys!!! I just started learning photoshop and I have created 3 logos and a channel art so far. I think they are decent for not knowing what I'm doing and not having much experience yet. I am looking for other people's opinions and looking for any help or suggestions people have. Any kind of...
  3. TheRealKCG


    Hello every one i make Graphics for Social Media I have a few examples like this These are just examples of what i do get down to finishing in Photoshop CS6 if you guys would like to purchase one of these types of thumbnails they all cost $5 or £5 for each style of Thumbnail if you would...
  4. Gavinodea

    Request Looking for an outro maker

    hey my name is gavin I am a small youtuber looking for a simplicity but yet astecly pleasing outro if you would like to help this is a paid job email me at thankyou
  5. DylanDesigns

    Finished/Closed CLOSED Professional Graphics! You decide your price!

    Listen, I just love making graphics and im looking to establish myself. Yes I do charge, but you can pay whatever you feel is correct based on the amount of work you had made and how satisfied you are with it. (All payments can be made through fiverr or paypal, whatever you'd like)...
  6. Lazy Nik

    Services Will make you Banner/Avatar (Logo) and Thumbnail for FREE

    So... I finally got my hands on this thread. Yes, I will make this stuff for free, I simply love messing with stuff in PS. What I ask you in return is to credit me if you liked it, but this is completely optional. Just DM me on twitter (@niklazy) and we'll discuss everything you want from your...
  7. CrimsartHD

    Services Custom TEXT THEMED YouTube Graphics (Avatar, Banner, Thumbnails) [FREE]

    Hello, if you need YouTube graphics but not sure if you are good enough to do it yourself? Well, you've come to the right place! I offer custom TEXT THEMED YouTube graphics, a few examples of my work will be attached below. My graphics are guaranteed to always be 100% completely free. You can...
  8. Warhammer

    Services Very High Quality Thumbnails, Banners and Logos!

    Hi all, I am a professional freelance designer and have been working for almost 4 years now. I have been creating designs for many YouTubers and other businesses/big companies. I am extending my services to the people of YTTalk and would love to design for you guys :) However, I charge money...
  9. C

    Finished/Closed Hey guys I can make you FREE graphics!!!

    -Here is some of my work there is moreinformation under the graphics: Hey guys my name is CubuZi and if you have problem of finding a cheap of free graphic designer i can help you with that.I can make you free: -gaming banners -simple 2d banners -minecraft banners -gaming thumbnails...
  10. Kervin Noel

    My Digital Art Channel

    Hey everyone. My name is Kervin. I run a digital art channel where I usually post speeddesigns of digital art I design for my clients. I've recently decided to start doing more digital art and drawings, I hope to make a lot more videos and I hope to improve my skills a lot more. So i'm...
  11. FestusFX

    Other 3D Graphic Desginer | Collab ?

    I'm looking for other Designers like me. Intro designers / Graphic Designers / Whatever... :) If you are interested to collab, just let me know and maybe we will work together
  12. Lyth

    Hey, I have a Design channel for you!

    Hello, My name is Luke. I'm a formal graphic designer and been designing for 2 years now and want to show the community what i do best and what i can give. I know this might not be mush as a review yet but i hope to see what you like about my channel. I try to put the best efforts into making...
  13. Z

    Services Graphics Revamps and More

    I just recently started graphic design for youtube. I do not have a portfolio quite yet since I just started, but if your not happy with your logo, you won't have to pay until its at your need or if you don't like it. Email me for prices:
  14. MZ-101

    Request Need Help on my thumbnail design.

    I WANT IT SIMPLE If you go to my channel you can see the Logo and Header are designed to be simple and kind of modern. That's what I want for my Thumbnails. I feel as my Thumbnails have been less than stellar lately and I would like anyone whose got any experience in graphic design to give my...
  15. PennaDSGN

    Enter The Gungeon!!

    Hey all, This is my first video (of many hopefully) on my YouTube channel. It's only short as I want to see what sort of response I get, hopefully it'll be a good one. I encountered Winchester and he gave me... Well a lovely gift. Check out the video, leave a like if you like it and subscribe...
  16. Divergence

    Request [Paid] Avatar/Banner needed

    Hi all my names Divergence. Now I got a banner and avatar of my own deigned by myself, as I dabble with Photoshop now and again. But I'm no graphic designer, so I feel my logo is a bit simple at the moment. I want a similar design but something that screams diverse a little more as that's what...
  17. Court

    Services Commissioning Cheap Outros!!

    I'm just a beginning commissioner, but I have experience with graphics for three years at least (Self taught) Each Outro will cost $5 each. (Once I get the money I'll start the commission. ) You can email me at So we can discuss what you would like in your Ourtro...
  18. TheLunchBawx

    Services Bawx's GFX Shop. High Quality Graphics at Reasonable Prices.

    Hello everybody! My name is TheLunchBawx or Ian. I'm a young Graphic and Motion Designer. Graphic and Motion design, are 2 of my many passions for about 1 and half years now, and hope one day I can get a job with it. I want to keep my graphics cheap, while keeping the quality High and aim to...
  19. Lolzmas

    Request Looking for a Designer to make a unique Logo and Banner for Gaming Channel!!!

    Hey! I am in search of a Graphics Designer that can create a specific logo I have in mind for my gaming channel (Lolzmas). I have an idea of what I want to do but I need someone who is creative enough to actually make the design a reality! Afterwards, I would really like to go over a banner...
  20. Amber lynx

    Request Need a banner

    I'm in need of a banner i have an idea I made my self but i need someone with some skills to make my vision come alive I'm offering yt cash payment