Gaming Channel Oversaturation? How does one make there channel stand out?

When I started my channel, I was purely me. Then all of a sudden, I started copying things I saw the bigger guys do. I gained subscribers. But I wasn't happy. YouTube quickly felt more like a job than something I did for fun. Then, one day, I made a new banner and a new logo, ones that I really liked, I stopped playing games I didn't want to play, I stopped overreacting to cheap scares, and I just said "that's it. I'm going to be myself on here from now on." I lost subscribers, views fell off for many months. But now, My growth is stable and I'm happy with my channel. I laugh while editing because I make my edits based on what I feel is funny and acceptable, not on what Pewdiepie or Markiplier thinks is funny in their videos. And most of all, I've started to build a small community on my channel who are interacting with me and each other and it's all because I was just being myself.

If you just stay true to you and be yourself both on and off camera, you will grow slower than you will as a copycat, but you will be getting the right subscribers - the ones who like you for you and not the fake you on the internet.

And for me, that's all that matters.
People that create gaming channels should not just wake up one day and create a gaming channel. Start outside of youtube, create a twitch feed, build up your followers and then move to youtube. your twitch followers will be your initial viewers and subscribers....what a gaming channel, bringing your audience to youtube is far easier than finding your audience in youtube....obviously, your views and subs will grow from within youtube, but you just need that first push to get the ball rolling