Gaming Channel Oversaturation? How does one make there channel stand out?

Hi all, I have just recently starting youtubing and I have noticed in all the forums and reddits I've been looking in, there is a lot of gamming channels. I use to do gaming videos, but now I have decided to stop making them because I can't think of ways to make them stand out to the heap of others out there. So my question is to you all, how does one make there gaming channel stand out? I am really curious to what your thoughts are...

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You Sir are right, there are A LOT of gaming channel out there. Countless channels vying for views. I too am a new gaming channel (started really making videos about 3 weeks ago) so take what I say with a grain of salt.

To stand out, make videos about games that:

A) Have low competition (very niche). Right now I am doing an Asdivine Hearts walkthrough (a lesser known JRPG) and it is easy for me to rank since the videos that are out there are poor in quality. In fact I think I only have 1-3 "good" channels that I need to compete with. I would suggest doing something like this to grow a fanbase You can check new release games on steam and pick a smaller game that will have people searching for videos but will not be worth the big name streamers/channels time. Find out what your competition is doing and do it better.

B) Videos that cover a new patch, character, or update on a very popular game. Some people have already said this but it is worth mentioning again. The great thing about huge games like League of Legends is that they are constantly changing and therefore you will always have new videos you can make. The trick here is to be fast. You need to make these kinds of videos quickly before other people do.

C) Finally you can make videos about popular games and have a unique spin. Example's: only playing 1 character in a MOBA, making kills with a rarely used/underpowered weapon in a FPS game like Counter Strike or COD, or playing a game in a way that you are not "supposed" to play it.

Whatever strategy you chose make sure you edit your videos really well and make good thumbnails + titles. MOST no name channels post gaming videos that have: no commentary, little to no editing, and long boring scenes with no action. This can be forgiven when streaming on Twitch, but will not cut on YouTube.

Anyway hope this helps. Good luck.
Yeah I can definitely say that gaming channels are hard to grow, simply because anyone can record himself while playing a game. But I won't say that growing is impossible because it really isn't: back in 2013 it was the same, even if in a reduced size, and in the 2018 will be even harder. It's all a matter of finding what type of games you do like, trying to create the best videos possible,using the best SEO (because we can't deny that nowadays SEO is too useful, unless you are really ) and networking.
I, by myself, am struggling into growing my channel, and I have the tendency to look at other channels running from the same period of mine that are doing much better than me, and that sometimes makes me sad.
Luck or not luck, it's a matter of desiring to keeping going and producing content that makes you happy first because if you don't like your own creations who else will?
You have to realize there is absolutely NOTHING you can do others who are serious about growing their channel are doing. But does that mean you shouldn't do it? Nope... Go for it!

1. Edit, edit edit... make your videos flow. If you don't like a slow part cut it out... keep it going!
2. Participate in your community.
3. Always do your best, if you can say "I could have done better" you should have done better.
4. Don't sweat the numbers, they are a source of positive energy, but also extreme negative energy when you want to grow and you aren't.
and finally, if not most importantly:
5. Have passion for creating... without that... all is lost.
Thanks for the replies everyone! Some really good feedback I am hearing and I will take with me into the future! Keep em coming! :)
To grow a gaming channel make sure you're one of the first to upload the new game. Or if a new dlc is released be sure you're on of the first. This is easier said than done but it greatly helped growing my channel.
hmmm...I really couldn't weigh in that much because I make pokemon content. I wanted to make vids there cuz some of the other poketubers are always embroiled in drama. But we don't all have to be negative
Honestly I don't think you need to stand out that much, although it is important. You can make similar videos other people are making and still get loads of views and subs for it. I mean just think about the amount of videos titled Battlefield 1 Review will be uploaded when that game comes out, you could easily make a video on this and still stick out from the crowd. But I still think its important to be different even if its a minor difference, for example my thumbnail design is quite unique although i have seen many similar ones. Its also even harder to stick out from the crowd as a gaming channel because as you said its oversaturated