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Hey Guys, IAmLogiic HD here asking you if you would like to collaborate on PC, Simply add me on discord IAmLogiicHD#6793 so we can discuss a possible collab. Some simple requirements however are needed and i'm not strict on any requirements all i ask is that you have :

1.) A good Mic
2.) A Good PC
3.) Fun and energetic attitude
4.) will not get offended about anything said( we are only having fun)
5.) able to buy games whenever possible

just so you know, games my crew and i have is : CSGO, GMOD, H1Z1, Left 4 Dead 2, COD WW2, BO3, GTA V, PUBG, Golf with your friends and stick fight the game. we are also open to ideas of any potential game out there in the steam universe, i hope you guys choose me as a good collaborator and i'm looking forward to working with many of you
Hey man, looking for people to play with, you can check out some of my funny moments here if you'd like (ig click my channel link links won't work.)
These are pretty old, my editings much better now and I'm sexier.
Hey, I would like to talk to you about a possible collab I have Gmod, BO3, CS: GO (I'm kinda bad at) and would be open to a couple of other games! maybe MSG me? Steam is TrxZrr
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Hey, I would love to do a possible collab with you. I've got CSGO, GMOD, Left 4 Dead 2, COD WW2, BO3, GTA V and PUBG. I currently have only about 49 subscribers though. Anyway, my discord is: meat_ #8510. Hit me up if you want to do a video at all.