gaming collab pc

  1. Senevids

    Gaming If you make content similar to Markiplier or Jacksepticeye I would love to collab!

    I have been having a blast on Youtube with my channel, Senevids, making videos similar to mark or jack (webcam, variety gaming, love laughing!) and would love to collab with someone who makes quality videos similar to them! I'm around 150 awesome subscribers at the moment so if you're around...
  2. IAmLogiicHD

    Gaming Funny Moments Collaboration (PC)

    Hey Guys, IAmLogiic HD here asking you if you would like to collaborate on PC, Simply add me on discord IAmLogiicHD#6793 so we can discuss a possible collab. Some simple requirements however are needed and i'm not strict on any requirements all i ask is that you have : 1.) A good Mic 2.) A Good...
  3. ExothermicNuke

    Gaming CS:GO and shooter PC games

    Looking for people to collab mainly on csgo with funny moments and just have fun
  4. KrivixHD

    Gaming Looking/Creating A Gamer Group

    Hi my name is Ethan or better known as Krivix I have 2.6k subscribers which some maybe inactive since I some issues but im switching up my content more funny moments stuff and just having fun. I will be playing csgo, overwatch, rust, pubg, RL, GTA, and maybe a game you would like to suggest. -...
  5. Mobius

    Gaming CLOSED - Pc Collab of multlplayers games 5k plus subs

    Just like the title says looking for collabs with other youtubers around the 5k subs mark. looking for multiplayer games like gangbeast, gta, ark, dont starve, etc. Must be 18+ Must have decent PC and not limited to certain games. Active at least 2 times per week Be easy going and know how to...
  6. ValxGaming


    I am looking for people to form a group with for collabs (PC). I need a group like Vanoss's group so that we can create some amazing contents in Gmod, Battlefield 1 and pretty much anything good. I have 85 subs so anyone within that range can hit me up and at least 18 years. steam: VVValx...
  7. DubsThaGamer

    Gaming PS4/PC Funny Collab/Gaming Group

    Hello everyone, my name is Javo and i am looking for people to collab in future videos! Going to tell you the requirements/details first, then some stuff about me, including games i have in mind What type of videos? The types of videos we will be making are pretty much going to be like Vanoss...
  8. RenOperative

    Gaming My final collaboration search for passionate gamers to join a gaming group, gaming podcast or both

    Welp as the title suggests this is it. I think this will be the last search I probably ever do on here as my group is starting to wind down on searches for unique gamers that fit the bill with the description. If you want to search us up on YouTube just look for "The Co-Operative Experience."...


    Hey everyone my name's M4TTATT4CK and I'm looking for other youtubers to collab with. idc if you have 10 subs or a million this is open to everyone. MUST NEED: Xbox One Black Ops 3 or PC Minecraft good mic (doesn't have to be great) So if you have these things then either reply to this...
  10. KantoGaming

    Gaming Silly Gaming Collab

    Hello gamers! I'm looking for some other gamers to collab with! I don't really have any specifics as far as age, I am 21 tho, so keep that in mind. I don't care about gender either. I'm thinking more of a pc game collab, but I also have Xbox one. I have a bunch of games on steam, so we could...