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Hi my name is Ethan or better known as Krivix I have 2.6k subscribers which some maybe inactive since I some issues but im switching up my content more funny moments stuff and just having fun. I will be playing csgo, overwatch, rust, pubg, RL, GTA, and maybe a game you would like to suggest.
- Look for a age group from 13 to 16 maybe some 12s
- I record only on pc at the moment
- I Live in EST zone so if you are somewhere in the U.S., certain parts of Canada, and maybe even UK could work for recording we would just have to plan
-If you got any other issues or questions hmu on discord - KrivixHD#0680
Hey man I just looked at your channel and it looks really good. I'm almost at 400 subs though. Probably 8 or 7 way. But I would really like to collab with you. I'm 14, I record at 1080p60fps, I use a Blue Yeti mic, And I have Xbox/PS4/PC games so if you are interested then you can reply or add me on discord. MattTries#6823
hey um im kinda new to this whole thing but im 16 have rl, csgo, overwatch, h1z1, modded minecraft (if we get that bored xD) but i only have 53 subs since i started about 9months ago to start working to get a pc
i also have a blue snowball mic.[DOUBLEPOST=1498340298,1498340146][/DOUBLEPOST]Discord is IncepTivePlayz#3574
Don't worry about your sub count if you are atleast over 100 or so ill start to consider you