Don't Get Offended But I Hate Vloggers

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I think that daily vlogs are very hard to do without them getting boring, but there are some people that actually like watching the boring things lol. Me personally I don't care for most vlogs but some of them aren't that bad.
Okay, so hopefully you read the title. You've had a fair warning.

I hate black people. Not all black people, that would be cruel to stereotype them. I hate most black people. I say this, being a mixed person.

Sorry for the little rant, but I had to just share how I feel. Again, this is MY opinion. Yours can differ. I'm not attacking anyone in particular this topic has just been on my mind for the last couple days. Why do you care about black people? I wanna try to see from your POV.
Generalization in any form isn't very good.
Mmm, it's fine to hate vloggers. They just aren't your cup of tea, you know? In my opinion it doesn't make you hateful it's just different strokes different folks.

Personally, I dig 'em. For people who lead extremely boring lives, like myself, I don't mind watching others walking around, living their life. I particularly loooooooove the ones who are living overseas. I could watch them walk to the convenience store and back home all day, lol. They don't even have to be funny, I just want to watch them because they lead different lives than I do. Since I suffer from severe anxiety, I pretty much stay holed up at home 24/7, and watching others (some that also have anxiety) go out and do things makes me want to go out and do things too lol. Even if it's just helping grandma out with her pot roast. Anyway, I'm rambling!
as @NervousLatte said. different strokes for different folks. i personally dislike 90% of the crap on youtube and it would be a long a** forum post if i decided to list them. but luckily youtube has this epic feature called a search bar. i use it to search for stuff i am interested in. its a really clever new idea :tongue:
Okay, so you vlog about your life, right? Why do I care that you went to your grandmother's house and helped your cousin cook her a roast? Why should I care what you do?

Get your point. See it like this. This is real reality TV and sometimes people watch the stuff to feel better about their lives or to look at how people live their lives. However, I have to say, vlogging without topic is really boring. I've seen so many vloggers just doing it for the sake of it. I am subscribed to a couple that vlogs. He is finishing his law degree, she is also doing something. Both have student debt, have no idea what to do next and their vlog is about their transition from school life into the real life. Quite interesting to see how it works for other people. Maybe they have some advice or they made a stupid mistake, so you and the narrator can learn from it.
I hate vloggers. Not all vloggers, that would be cruel to stereotype them. I hate most vloggers. I say this, being a comedy vlogger.

Instead of focusing on that which you hate how about you turn it around and focus on that which you like? Life is suddenly going to be a whole lot better, and you'll integrate more with the side of YouTube you like.

I watch motovloggers and automotive channels which do have a vlogging component (mine is similar, although I have cut down on vlogging, it does come back in some of my review videos when something unexpected happens). I watch them because they do interesting stuff motorcycle / car related. Even if they do something else, all of them have a very positive feel to them!
I can see what you mean, they really arent that interesting if you're not famous, the only vloggers i really watch is the saccone jolys as i find their kids so adorable, but other youtubers i love i sometimes dont even watch their vlogs especially if they are like a half an hour long i really cant be bothered with that, i dont do daily vlogs because my life just isnt exciting enough to watch, i may sometimes do a little vlog when i go somewhere though, if someone i have befriended on youtube does little vlogs i may watch them too as long as they aren't too long
I think the reason vloggers film themselves doing the most normal things in life is to show people to stay positive and to live life happily. This is because for example me myself find it really bored and lonely living by myself in other countries sometimes and to see videos about normal lives really lift your feelings up alot. Maybe your life is good and you are staying with your family but for people who's half the earth away from their family and friends, those videos are very important.
I mean, I can kind of understand that, if you're watching from an outside culture. But if you live in america, I don't see why people like the shaytards and others are so popular-they're just a normal family.[DOUBLEPOST=1468092450,1468092407][/DOUBLEPOST]
TRIGGERED!!!!!! - just kidding. I don't vlog ever lol, only vlogs that are interesting are big channels.
See, I understand that. Like, when Shane Dawson was popular. I wanted to see his vlogs and behind the scenes to his skits![DOUBLEPOST=1468092577][/DOUBLEPOST]
I like vloggers, certain ones though. I watch FaZe Clan, Red House, MysticGotJokes, and Syndicate vlogs. They all live fun and entertaining lives so it entertains me. They are also funny people who do cool things. They also have main channels, so it's cool to see them do other things outside their normal niche.
See, like I stated before. I understand if it's a big famous person- because as humans we are infatuated with celebrities and watching vlogs of them kind of gives us perspective on how grand their life is, or how much it's lacking in the grandness.
Well, McJuggerNuggets is the exception for me ;)

But yeah, I totally get your point.
I've never heard of them, personally. Are they just a vlogger? Or do they have like a main channel?
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