Gaming Collab with Gamers From Europe (Including the UK)


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Hello there people of the internet, I am a small Streamer/Youtuber looking for some "friends" to collab with. Im mostly going to play video games like Rainbow Six Siege, Intruder, (some) Overwatch and WW2 (The first COD game I Enjoy). If you want to play some other games than these, just ask and maybe I have it.

I ask that you have a good (enough) quality mic and 15-16 or above (Don't care if you are an adult).

I live in Norway and go to highschool, so I wont be available all the time (mostly in weekends).
I don't want to do this for a living, but it's fun to do and you get a lot better at speaking english as well as well a getting friends from outside you country.

If you want to check me out, the links are down below:
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Hey, I've watched a few of your vids and I really liked them. I would be down to collab with you if you wanted to!
Sure, but the reason I said Europe for is the time zone. Australia is about 10 hours ahead of time for me, so when I have time to play after school it's already 3 Am in Australia. Weekends would be more so the time I would be avaible :)
I actually live in Australia and I legit don't sleep so time zones are no worry for me man.