1. A


    ARE YOU LOOSING CONFIDENCE IN YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL GROWTH? HERE WE HELP Hey, I am Andrew, That Helping many peoples to do Their Youtube Channel Growth with Free of Cost... BUDDY STRATEGY
  2. Tiwalayo

    Vlog Looking to Collaborate and Make Friends!

    Hello, I'm Teewa and I would LOVE to collaborate with someone who is into fashion, beauty/makeup, Travel and lifestyle I currently live in Germany and would like to collaborate with someone from the UK/France and of course Germany (within EUROPE) I hope this thread brings like minded people...
  3. Tiwalayo


    Hello, I'm a British Nigerian, and I have been living in Germany for just over a year. I speak French, and I'm currently learning German. I'm looking at making YouTube friends as well as building longterm friendships. My channel theme is mostly about Hair & Beauty, Travel Lifestyle & Culture...
  4. Tiwalayo

    Meet Up/Gathering PRAGUE, Czech Republic MEET UP

    Hello, I would LOVE to meet up and perhaps collaborate with someone who is into fashion, beauty/makeup, Travel and Lifestyle, I live in Germany. I will however be in Prague, Czech Republic for the New Year, so it would be nice if we could meet up. My email address is All...
  5. O

    EU Copyright law supposedly will damage the internet

    This makes zero sense. Europe has passed a law which could go into affect next year that would allow anyone that links something online required to pay a fee to share anything and Europe wants YouTube and Facebook to scan uploads and remove copyrighted content automatically with no exceptions. I...
  6. BrianTheVideoShooter


    A walk in the southern part of Nordhavnen in Copenhagen (København). At Nordhavn Bassin and bathing area Sandkaj (badezone Sandkaj) .Nordhavn zip code 2150. Activities like bathing in nice water. The area at Århusgade quarter (Århusgadekvarteret) and near Konditaget i Nordhavn. In the area (on...
  7. Barlan

    Gaming Collab with Gamers From Europe (Including the UK)

    Hello there people of the internet, I am a small Streamer/Youtuber looking for some "friends" to collab with. Im mostly going to play video games like Rainbow Six Siege, Intruder, (some) Overwatch and WW2 (The first COD game I Enjoy). If you want to play some other games than these, just ask and...
  8. P

    Comedy Looking for creative people from Germany

    Hi ^-^ I'm looking for people to collaborate with (Such a surprise, right?) from Germany, France or Netherlands. I'll be doing a special for Christmas, and I'd like to find people interested in being in videos on my channel. (If you want to do a video for your channel with me, I'm in as well :D)...
  9. The Challenge Lads


    The Challenge Lads are back to discuss Dennis' six week trip.. and because he promised, he must do the Wasabi Challenge!
  10. MsKarolinaShow

    Why my YouTube video can't be watched in Europe?

    Hi, I posted my new video using Taylor Swift's new "Look What You Made Me Do" song yesterday and none of my friends in Europe can watch it. Here in US everything works normal but not overseas. Any advise. Thanks.
  11. Q

    Gaming Looking for a PC collab

    Hey, if you are 17 y.o.+ person with a good mic who plays for fun join our crew. We rec GTA 5, Block Ops3 Zombies, Friday the 13th, Bloody Party, Gmod etc. We rec at 3am-10am according to NY time. Skype: agarioplayer123
  12. GregRawinski


    Heart of Rotterdam - day and night timelapse
  13. RenOperative

    Gaming Seeking new, refreshing EU/UK gamers to join our new subdivision "TCP Europe"

    I've recently opened up a new Discord community for UK/EU gamers to join up with us for gaming opportunities and to be sociable with others. We're having a lot of fun so far with playing games and talking about potential gaming podcast ideas for our EU division but we're small and still scouting...
  14. Laurenx1

    Vlog London Expat / Adventurers

    Interested in a meet-up / collaboration with YouTubers who love making great content and align with the types of videos we make. Let me know if you're interested!
  15. R

    Gaming Looking for people to play games with

    Requirements: You have to be at least 14 years old. You need to have a good mic. And live in europe ( somewhere else doesn't matter but it would make things more complicated). You also need to talk decent English. I'm dutch so my English is not the best but I think it is decent. Games I play...
  16. darkstarmedia

    Emma Goes To Berlin!

    Hello, my lovelies! I was lucky enough to visit Germany last month with Dad - and I put together a pseudo-pretentious arty-farty video in honour of the occasion. Enjoy, my posh toffs!
  17. CarbonS15

    Gaming Looking for PC montage makers to collab

    Hi. I'm looking for people who do montages/funny videos. As you can see on my channel i'm more racing game and GTA V focused. Main reason is because i'm not comfortable with talking. I live in ECT +2 time zone, playing time is 8:00 to 13:00 or 14:00 to 22:00. I would be interested in other...