Gaming Seeking new, refreshing EU/UK gamers to join our new subdivision "TCP Europe"


Liking YTtalk
I've recently opened up a new Discord community for UK/EU gamers to join up with us for gaming opportunities and to be sociable with others. We're having a lot of fun so far with playing games and talking about potential gaming podcast ideas for our EU division but we're small and still scouting for potential.

If anyone is interested please read our short credentials as soon as possible.

-Have a good mic.
-No drama.
-No politics.
-Have a Discord account.
-We mostly play on PS4 and PC.
-Our standard time for activities is 6pm gmt+1
-If you're here to promote your channel only and not interact you will be removed from our server. This community despises hit and running.
-We will review you before you enter our server. (We just want to make sure we find people who are serious but like to have a good time.)

That's about it mostly, very reasonable rules from us and if you're also from the US and you're interested then speak with me directly on Twitter @RenOperative_ and I'll speak to you about the American branch. Good luck and I'm looking forward to some possibly fresh new faces. We're super chill when we play GTAV on PC.