Hello everybody!
I need some feedback on my banner and my profile picture on our channel.
Since i designed them myself, i would like some honest opinions.

I would appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.
I was about to compare it with your content.. but I can't hahahaha

I don't know if you know this, but I'l tell you quickly. The design must be attached to the idea you want to project on your videos. To be honest, I'd think that is something 80's related, since beck then they used this fonts with this kind of color convos.

Also, I find it redundant to both have its name, since I can see the name 5 times when I enter the channel. I suggest a logo or a mascot to be the identifier of your personality.

May I ask what is the channel about?
i really like it. its nice and clean and colourful. as @Anxxy said its hard to know if it matches your content because you don't have any, but good start

i disagree with @Anxxy when they say about the name on the profile picture. it is important. your profile picture gets shown in a lot more places than your channel art, for instance, when you comment on a video. and i think the name helps. its a little bit hard to read though so i would make it clearer
That's why I suggested a logo or mascot. Not only your names identifies you, but also your work.

Your brain can remember an image easier than your name or a word.
The profile picture is a little difficult to read. Maybe make the colors darker.The banner looks good. But you may want to add a little pop to it with pictures or more text. And your social media sites look like they are getting cut off. I would move them over so they they are not right on the edge of your banner. :)
I do get an eighties vibe here. I like the colours. Also confused why the home tab on your channel says no content but you have 2 videos uploaded. You should feature one of them? I'm too new, I don't know why I'm giving advice... I do like the colours though.