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  1. F

    Request Need New banner plus icon (free)_

    Hello, i am a small youtuber and imm not very good with making banners or icons so i would like to get one from anyone out there my channel is called fexen and i usally post brawlhalla videos(gaming) this would also double up as my icon in a group yt channel im in and would all together help me...
  2. J

    Request [Free] Need a Banner and Profile Pic For My Music Channel

    Hey i need a banner an profile pic for the music channel that i want to start up. If you're interested reply and i will let you know what i need on it. :):):):)
  3. Xanderin

    These are my new ideas for my profile picture

    hey so i've been messing around with ideas for my youtube profile picture and would like to know which ones you like best they aren't finished just yet would just like to know which one you like best thank you for any advice
  4. Challenge this

    Request NEED new fresh banner free. Will feature your channel on my page

    Hey guys we need help with a new more updated cleaner banner design and profile pic for our youtube. If any of you are willing to help we can feature you on our channel page to help boost your channel.
  5. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I feel like I should change my youtube profile pic. Idk it just doesn't look right. What do you guys think. Should I change it or not. If I change it what should my profile pic be?? Any suggestions will help!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!
  6. GunterGames

    *need artist for profile pic(avatar/cartoon)* *will shout you out and put in subbox*

    Hi i need an artist to do an avatar for me, msg me on skype(GunterGames) and ill give you the details, the avatar would be a cartoon


    Hello everybody! I need some feedback on my banner and my profile picture on our channel. Since i designed them myself, i would like some honest opinions. I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  8. Ekse

    Services Free GFX

    Hi. I am Ekse and i will say that you can get free gfx to your YouTube channel! Isn't that cool? I do often make custom avatars from your face/body. Just contact me on skype: EksePower. Hope you enjoy my free gfx :D
  9. Adamsy

    Request Profile Picture/Outro card (10€ G2A GiftCard = 5€ each)

    Hey everyone i'm looking for a looking for someone to make me a profile picture and outro card. Profile Picture: (i would like to have all the edited files, psd, vector(eps), jpeg, etc....) I will send u some of my pictures and i would love to have a cartoony version of it. examples: Outro...
  10. mmrobins

    Services Beautiful Banners, Logos, Profile Pictures, and Intros.

    Making Beautiful Banners, Logos, Profile Pictures, and Intros to be featured in your description if you have more than 100 subscribers and if you do not, Get 2 for $5 or all 4 for $8) 1 costs $3. Paypal Only! Some of my work: mrobins
  11. D

    Request [FREE] Thumbnails for my Youtube Channel

    I have a youtube channel that only livestreams various games such as TF2 and League of Legends. I don't really upload but the livestreams upload to my channel, so they count as videos. I ask anyone to make only one thumbnail I could use for all my uploads. Just one. Channel: Duck_head_man...
  12. Metallic

    Services Cheap And Amazing GFX Services (Typography, 3D Intro, Banner, Profile Pic)

    Examples: For A Limited Time Only Get cheap professional graphic services to make your youtube channel more attractive, and it turn grow you audience. I have been making intros and GFX for a year and a half now and i would like...
  13. Zachary Amos

    Request In need of a Banner and Logo (profile pic)!

    Hello, I am a youtuber that is in need of a banner and logo (preferably free but if needed I can pay using what YTtalk money I have). If there's someone out there that can help me please message me so we can talk. Thank you.
  14. scHD

    Services free profile pics

    Hey everyone im a small youtuber that can make you a simple profile picture with a basic background and text (it will look a bit like mine) there is no cost all i ask is that you shout me out. Thank You i will try and get round to everyone may i also add that i can add a basic image e.g. a...