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I have a canon rebel t5 and use a sandisk ultra 80mb/s 32gb SD card and it has thelittle circle around the number 10 (I know my SD card is fast enough, it has worked for the longest time) and just yesterday, when I try to record any footage, within the first few seconds it tells me the vide has automatically stopped recording. I have cleared over 30 minutes of footage from the card so there is enough space and it has always worked... I had this issue with another SD card but I had gotten rid of it because it was slower and probably couldn't keep up with the video due to that issue. The issue was solved when I got this card, but now it has started again!!!!!! If anyone can PLEASE help me out that would be fantastic as I am so confused and have to start filming this weeks video sometime soon. Thank you!!!!!
Have you formatted the card in the camera ? It is important that you do so to avoid possible errors.

The card may be damaged (they do fail) especially if it is used in a PC and not ejected/process stopped before removal.

Also wash the card contacts with cleaning alcohol (metholated spirits) to be sure they are clean.

The issue can also be with the camera.
Yup.. They go bad.. often..
Like Xynudu said, try formatting it in your camera and cleaning the contacts with alcohol or a pencil eraser..
if you still have trouble with it, toss it into the trash buy 2 more.. one for now, and other to keep on standby for when the first one dies..
If you say it's worked for a long time already, it's not actually a good sign, since those SD cards tend to crash when being used often and for a long period of time. It's quite a common issue.

If cleaning your contacts won't help (and given that you're sure it's not smth with your camera either), then follow The NoARubicon advice and have an additional card nearby - in case your first card dies (from the signs you described, it surely can).

Btw, if it does crash, don't turn camera on again if you want to save the already recorded video (as it can overwrite your already existing files). Remove SD card and keep it till home, then copy your corrupted files on a PC (Mac, whatever) and try to play it.

If it doesn't, use some video recovering services like "" to recover the corrupted file.

And if the problem continues, my thought is that it might do smth with your camera.