Building youtube channel


I've Got It
Hey guys i need to advice on how to build an youtube channel just give me some suggestions it would be very helpful for my goals
What videos you do? Which is your niche? Are you willing to market yourself? If you answer those question you will grow in no time.
Use social media to promote yourself and tell your family and friends. Make sure your channel has good branding.
Read this forum. Watch several hundred videos from the channels in your genre. Take notes on what your theme, branding, special sauce is going to be. Why you and not the ten million other channels? What's different about your channel? start recording and uploading, the rest you pick up along them way. Be ready for the long haul.
It will be a long road and all the other who replied basically told you everything: start by having a branding, something that tell the others what is yours. This forum has so many tips and tricks on what you can improve on, but be aware that the same tip can lead to different results for 2 different channels because every channel is different in the growth rate.
Try to be active on social medias and engage with others ( I know it may seem hard if you are not used to) and use them as actual social media, not only for link dumping.
Enjoy what you are doing and never give up!