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  1. Anos12

    U wanna grow ur YouTube channel here is some tips that helped me through my YouTube journey

    Proven Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel 1. Set up your channel properly You need to make sure you have an appealing profile picture, and channel art. 2. Upload consistently YouTube algorithm loves consistency. It will reward you for uploading new videos regularly. 3. Do proper keyword...
  2. A

    Gaming Bedwars 200iq Trap that kills everyone

    make sure to like and subscribe
  3. N

    Can anyone help me?

    I'm new in this community. I'm also a beginner in YouTube. I don't have the subscription I expect to receive. So I need help about how to grow my channel.
  4. King Munch

    Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams

    I am a youtuber that loves animating. I enjoy everything i do on youtube its what makes me who i am today. Thank you guys so much for 100 sub it means a lot. Never stop chasing your dreams because one day someone might put a spark in your life to make it even more amazing.
  5. Alexkrasnic

    Gaming Hey! Looking for Youtube partner or group to collab :D

    Hey guys! Im small youtuber ready to collab with :D Im really good at editing videos! I think that''s cause i really enjoying doing that! I playing everything from Funny to Horror Games! Appreciate every reply! I hope we going to have alot of fun playing games together! Have a nice day :D
  6. sequan123

    How does live streaming work?

    Hey guys i need information on how i could possibly set up a live stream.
  7. sequan123

    How to persuade people to keep watching your content?

    hey guys i need tips on how to persuade people to keep watching your content
  8. B

    I will edit your videos for FREE

    hello friends. I'm a rather decent editor who just wants to get better at it. but i dont want to make videos. ill edit your gaming videos for free.
  9. Vincent Shivolo

    Other Motivational and lifestyle collabs

    Hello everyone. I so hope your day is as blessed as you are. I have a new channel that is about 4 months old with just under 50 subs. I would absolutely love to collaborate or do shout outs with other channels that talk about motivation and lifestyle, poetry or Christianity. If you like my...
  10. sequan123


    does emailing a youtubers on their gmail is a great idea?
  11. sequan123

    feedback on channel

    hey guys i need feedback on whether my sniping videos are good enough or does it deserve more views.
  12. sequan123

    common editing software?

    Hey guys what is the most common editing software youtubers use when making gamming videos
  13. FernandoMask

    Views in school vs. In Summer?

    Do you get more views in summer than in school time?
  14. sequan123

    300 view's

    Hey guys my goal is to get 300 views or more I am currently at 225
  15. sequan123

    Gaming Cod collab

    Hey guys my name is prostatus I want to collab with somebody in cod I doing this because I want my clan to grow bigger the only requirement for you users is you must have over 10 subs and have good quality so just rely when you are ready
  16. sequan123

    Find Video?

    Should you really aim for the low competition because your video will most likely to show in my opinion on youtube
  17. sequan123


    Hey guys what are ya best accomplishments ever
  18. sequan123

    Advice for channel

    What are some advice when you are trying to get more views and subs? what the best way or method to get peoples attention?
  19. sequan123

    Channel Design

    Hey guys can you give me suggestions on how to design my channel or you can just look at my channel and tell me what to improve on.
  20. sequan123

    Building youtube channel

    Hey guys i need to advice on how to build an youtube channel just give me some suggestions it would be very helpful for my goals
  21. sequan123

    New video

    Hey u guys I just uploaded a new video for people who is not subscribed to me check it out on my channel and this is not self promotion I am clearlyytelling everyone I made new video
  22. TheMercenaree

    Woohoo!!! 50 Twitter Followers

    Literally just a few minutes before making this post, I reached 50 followers on my Twitter (yes, it's linked to my Youtube channel). I don't know if any of them came from YTTalk, but I want to say thank you anyway. So... thanks for 50 Twitter followers. :)
  23. RaPiiDHD


  24. CollideEffect

    Love making videos, check it out!

    I am currently making videos for YouTube, just trying to build a bigger fan base because i really enjoy doing it and i want more people to see it, so if you like it.. come check out my channel!
  25. Absol4Prez

    Request Can someone make me a Banner/Profile Pic

    My name is Absol4Prez, so my preference on how the logo would look is make it look kind of fancy, and either put "A4P" or a pic based on or around the pokemon character Absol. Same thing with the banner please, and if you are going to make on or the either then please specify which one is...
  26. OhhJTS

    How to now youre exact sub count...

    i found a really handy site for this LIVECOUNTS you just have to click on the name and then you can put youre channel in it and it updates every 10 sec.