sniper clan

  1. sequan123


    Hey guys i just wanted to say that i would love to have people support my channel i am a gammer and want to make a successful youtube channel not only that but to communicate and entertain people and im not doing this for self promotion i really want some supports to communicate with. just click...
  2. sequan123

    Building youtube channel

    Hey guys i need to advice on how to build an youtube channel just give me some suggestions it would be very helpful for my goals
  3. sequan123

    Goals for 2016

    hey guys basically my goals for 2016 are to Get to 400 subs At least 1,000 views and to have 100 likes these are my goals for youtube in 2016
  4. sequan123

    New video

    Hey u guys I just uploaded a new video for people who is not subscribed to me check it out on my channel and this is not self promotion I am clearlyytelling everyone I made new video
  5. sequan123

    200 subs

    Hey guys im almost at 200 subs thanks to yttalk and also ive been recruted to faze so i will be more active and if anyone wants to show support dont hesitate
  6. sequan123


    hey guys i thank you all i got my first 200 views thanks to yttalk from me just communicate i will participate more now and be more active thanks guys
  7. sequan123

    Is my quality for my videos good enough?

    Hey guys i need opinions on whether or not my quality is good because i want to upload clear quality and not waste people time so check it out by clicking on my profile and remember if you like the content i have just subscribe for more content.
  8. sequan123

    Is my content good enough?

    Hey guys i wondering what your opinions to see if my content is good enough to join a clan or something just clink on my channel on my profile