*Attention all Small YouTubers*

Hey there everyone:) It's Roots from LifeAsRoots. I'm an 18 year old female who loves documenting, editing and posting videos! I want to start a thread to encourage one another to keep putting out content! I know people say don't focus too much on the views and subs but sometimes numbers can be discouraging. I just want to remind everyone to keep pushing and keep putting out videos because you enjoy doing so! And believe it or not if its 10,000 people or 2 people, somebody is watching and supporting you regardless. So let's support one another guys:)
Awesome post! It is so easy to get caught up in the numbers. Sometimes you can easily lose track of your goals and the fact that it is most likely going to be a slow build.
I may be struggling to get noticed but I am slowly but surely rising the ranks. As long as a single person out there watches my content and gets a good laugh then my work is complete.
Good words! I know it may be really discouraging but if are enjoying what you are doing don't bother too much at those numbers. Or better think about them in a positive way (for example don't say "oh no I have only 3 subs" just think "oh wow I have 3 people that enjoy my content, awesome!") evaluate the small numbers. Of course always keep improving and make every video better than the previous one!