*Attention all Small YouTubers*

Amen to that! It's hard for me to even get over 200 views but, do it for the love of the game! If you love doing videos, you audience will show and it will grow!
A great message to keep in mind! You have to do it for the love of creation over all, I think. Otherwise, you may be chasing after something that's not guaranteed to come. Thanks for posting!
All of us could use this support and love! Thanks so much for sharing this. Sending love from Texas!

I kind of pride myself in being able to stay positive in most situations, but even I have my downs when it comes to views and subscribers. I know it shouldn't be a big deal, at least if you're not doing YouTube to try and be famous, but I see it as views = amazing work. An awesome and entertaining video. However that's not always the case because viral videos exist and those - most of the time - are just a lucky shot.

In the end, if you're enjoying what you do, making and editting videos, then keep doing it. If it makes you happy, who cares how many people end up watching it.

P.S. Please please please ignore the haters. If you see some comment where that person is being a complete douche, either just ignore it or delete the comment. Who gives a **** what they think? That's not the kind of view/sub you want anyways so just shake your head at them.

Cheers to everyone who loves making content!
Thank you for making my day. I've had a tough week last week with connection issues to the servers I play on to make my videos as well as real life getting in the way a bit of my gaming hobby....;). I missed my self imposed upload deadline of Sunday morning and as of now still do not have any footage to make a video of, but with your message I'm still in this to make something entertaining for some one out there.

Thanks for the support.
This is a really positive message you have here. It actually put a smile on my face and encouraged me to keep on going. It's so easy to get discouraged in this YouTube game. Thank you :)