I'm very aware of this actually. We can make people think whatever we want them to think. And this is done left and right on youtube. Some use their persuasion skills to further their financial agendas, others for ego stroking, or a mix of both. Some are deemed moral, others not so much...
You can bet your sweet glutes that I'm going to use and abuse this amazing feature in human nature! Hopefully ending in a non-zero-sum game, where both me and my viewer ,end with a positive experience.
as a creator , do it more for myself to be honest , don't get me wrong I love it when my video gets found and people watch and comment its a amazing feeling but I enjoy making the video and editing it than I do more than anything else!
It must depend on the content as my channel sure as hell doesnt change lives.
The money I am making from it is changing my life though..
After reading this I really want to get started on my channel now. I mean my videos will be mainly a video album for my family and friends to watch and explore new places that they have yet to be in my eyes. Whether I have zero, a few, or millions of subs I am only in it for me to have fun and if it inspires others and makes others have fun in the meantime that is just the icing on top of the cake.

This channel is first and foremost for my family/friends and myself to look back on :)