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  1. angelwaheed

    Youtube partnership networks for small channels

    YouTube Partnership Networks is some of the best ways to grow your website's exposure and to attract even more viewers. These networks are great for people with websites that do not have a massive number of subscribers or for small channels who want to get a foothold in the YouTube community...
  2. Hirudov

    Setting up a blog

    Many fellow forum members are having less than 1000 subscribers and/or less than 4000 hours watch time on their channels, meaning that by the new YouTube Partner Program (YPP) requirements, they will be automatically kicked out of the program on 20th of February 2018. While it is frustrating to...
  3. Basic Gamer

    Gaming I would like to meet a few fellow YT hosts that enjoy same games as me.

    Hey guys as you probably can already tell I am looking for a couple of YouTube Partners to Collaborate with. If you are interested in a Fun/Serious gaming channel then you have come to the right place. I only started YT here recently as a hobby through college. I currently Have 9 subs. And if...
  4. BloodyDude

    Gaming Minecraft and some other games Collbarotations?

    Looking For Minecraft Collaborations.. Requirements: Age: 13+ Subscribers: No Subscribers Count. Because everyone have to start. Be Active. If You are Good Enough. Maybe We Can be Partners.
  5. TheDragonCraft9

    Gaming Looking for a YouTube Partner!

    I am looking for someone to work with on YouTube on PC. I mainly started out as a Minecraft YouTuber, but have recently done a few random games and I am starting a Skyrim series (although that's irrelevant). The only things I ask are: You must be around 13 Have a good mic and recording...
  6. P

    Acifin network under BroadbandTV_gaming are scamming/threatening their partners

    Hey guys I've come to this forum from time to time in the past because the information here has been pretty informative and has helped me a lot! This time I finally created a username so I can share some information about the Acifin network which operates under BroadbandTV. In the pictures you...
  7. UKHypnotist

    Views Vs Monetized Views (All YouTube Partners Should Read!)

    I am seeing more and more frequently, not just here on YTTalk, but on YouTube at large, an expectation that views equate to money automatically, or that we get paid for simply allowing YouTube to place ads against our video units. This is incorrect. Monetization of videos works very differently...
  8. WillYoutuber

    Over 1 Million Views in 5mths , Yet Earning is $65 USD

    Hey guys, I'm hoping you guys have smart ideas that can help. I started my piano tutorial channel 5 months ago, It picked up momentum very quickly and views has grown in high numbers. Earnings however has been stagnant throughout. Some Stats 15k - 20k with the average daily earnings of .70c...