Views Vs Monetized Views (All YouTube Partners Should Read!)


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I am seeing more and more frequently, not just here on YTTalk, but on YouTube at large, an expectation that views equate to money automatically, or that we get paid for simply allowing YouTube to place ads against our video units.

This is incorrect. Monetization of videos works very differently than most suppose.

A: YouTube content creator posts video and sets it up for monetization.

B: YouTube's ad section (possibly a bot), then looks at the video and its metadata, and attempts to match it to active advert units. Matching a video to ads may take some time, and some videos may be found ineligible for monetization; in which case YouTube sends a rejection letter to the content creator which also contains a warning against posting more non-advertiser-friendly content.

C: Ads that are placed against the video go live; pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads are paid by the view if the video unit isn't abandoned before the "Skip Ad" button appears. Abandonment, or closing the video before the skip ad button is reached will automatically be a non-monetized view for that video; or if the video is feature-length and has multiple mid-roll ads, only the ads viewed up to the point of abandonment will count. Banner ads must be clicked through and not simply closed with the 'x' in the right hand corner for the view of that ad to count towards monetization output; it isn't automatic.

On the payout date for each month, the estimated earnings are tallied by YouTube's financial section; final non-monetizable views are discarded from the total at this time. if the content creator hasn't reached their payment threshold, which varies from country to country, the total is rolled over to the next month. If the payment threshold is reached, one of the following sequences occurs.

Sequence A: Network-Attached Channel

1. YouTube takes its own cut (believed to be 60% at this time)

2. Content Creator's network takes its cut (Varies from network to network; check your contract if you have one)

3. Content Creator then is paid if he or she has reached the network's own payment threshold. If not, total rolls over to next payment month.

Sequence B: Direct YouTube Partnered Channel

1. YouTube takes its cut

2. As long as what remains is beyond the Adsense payment threshold, the partner is paid; otherwise total rolls over to next payment month.

One other thing I've noticed, is that small channels join the partnership program and expect to get paid the next month. YouTube doesn't pay out for a minimum of two calendar months after entry to the Partner Program, and then only if payment threshold is reached by that time.

Hope this post will be of assistance to those concerned about how monetization works on YouTube.

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Just for the info

YouTube takes its own cut (believed to be 60% at this time) - YouTube takes 45% of all earnings, so multiplying by 0.55 shows the remainder. Estimated Earnings is before the network split.
Ahhh and here all this time I've been thinking we got the small end of the cut! I do think that raw Gross Earnings is before any cut is taken; so you are most likely right about Estimated.