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  1. G

    Analytics Giving "Bad" Data?

    Hello everyone, Quick question to see if others are experiencing similar issues with YT Analytics. When going to "Overview" and researching deeper into individual videos or playlists, at the subscriber box in the bottom right corner, is this how many subscribers subbed to your channel because...
  2. Dutchie Abroad

    Learning to read YT Analytics

    Hello everyone! Everyone is always talking about the importance of the analytics page, so I look at it frequently (though it doesn't tell me much, since I only have 1 video up right now xD). However, I realized I often don't actually know what I'm exactly looking at. So I was wondering if you...
  3. subversiveasset

    Do your subscribers know the difference between the Home Page & Sub Box?

    Very often, I hear the complaint from YouTubers or their audience members that their sub box is broken because it doesn't show all the videos by people they are subscribed to. While it's certainly possible that there's a bug that YouTube hasn't figured out yet, I think part of this is a...
  4. The Paranormal Scholar

    Channel collapsing in a week, blip?

    Hello, Our channel is almost a year and a half old. Recently we have been pushing to expand our growth. Over the past month and a half we have been making two videos a week which have all been received positively and our growth was good. However, last Friday we put up a video about occultism...
  5. Snake delta

    YouTube added all videos stats view to analytics

    hello all , noticed today unless my wasn't working before but @YOUTUBE #youtube added your full video list to your Estimated views Last 48 hours and the same to Last 60 mins list too. Before it just show just 4 vids, this is excellent feature as you can really home in on the videos that are...
  6. KantoGaming


    I've honestly been told time and time again since I started my channel that it sucked. People in my life have told me, said im "boring" and shouldn't be doing lets plays. People on the internet have made sure that since I started to know everything I did wrong from audio, to how I talked, to how...
  7. SeanFace101

    What time period to you monitor over in your YouTube Analytics?

    When you are looking at your videos performances in your YouTube Analytics areas, what time do you you look at them over? :P Mine is set on the last 7 days, it used to be set to show the last 30 days. :P What is best?
  8. Anjim

    Hard work doesn't pay and not perfect

    Both of my channels hasn't been growing lately and it's getting frustrating. Other people grow faster than me and I want to improve my content but I get dislikes and sub4sub comments all the time. I am trying to say I am not trying to be perfect but someone who can put similes on people faces...
  9. FernandoMask

    What do you dislike about Youtube?

    What do you guys dislike or hate about Youtube?
  10. FernandoMask

    Gaming People that want to play Overwatch (PC)

    Leave your num tag of overwatch in the comments...
  11. FernandoMask

    What is your Youtube goal?

    What is the thing that you most want to do or achieve on youtube?
  12. K

    vieuwer problem

    Hello guys its KangoeroeGames here and I have a question. So 5 days ago I started a channel and one of my friends got the idea to send a message to all my friends and to facebook that they have to wach my video. So it really worked i finally got the 2600 vieuws. But there is 1 problem, on...
  13. Q


    Today i got 10.000 views on my channel! It took about 9 months. Not very spectacular, but i'm happy with it!
  14. DefendersOfThePod

    What is a good growth rate?

    Me and a friend started our channel a little over 2 months ago, we're currently at 113 subs but haven't gone up any in about a week. I was just curious as to how fast the average channel gains subscribers, so we'd have something to measure ourselves with. Thanks!
  15. subversiveasset

    Explaining YouTube SEO & Metadata with a simple analogy

    I don't claim to be an expert on SEO or metadata, but it seems to me that in threads talking about these subjects, there is a basic misunderstanding that a lot of people have. Based on everything I've read so far, I thought of an analogy to explain SEO & metadata very simply. Please let me know...
  16. DivideAndConquer

    Can you give me some feedback on my channel?

    Hey my name is Trevor and i have a YouTube channel called Divide And Conquer. its a gaming channel that is about building a community for the grater good and helping others. in the future we plan on doing tons of charity live streams, giveaways and a bunch of other stuff. the thing is lately my...
  17. hcetiny

    Too much time on YouTube Analytics

    My channel started getting more and more viewers recently. So, I started checking the YouTube Analytics quite often, especially the Realtime Analytics. I have the YouTube Creator App on my smartphone as well. I think I check the stats a couple of times an hour. Seeing viewers on the last 60...
  18. subversiveasset

    Where does most of your YouTube traffic come from?

    I'm curious to see how different everyone's traffic sources are (since just from seeing another post, there are some differences.) So, what I think would be interesting is if people went into their Analytics, viewed Traffic Sources, and then shared their top traffic sources. For my channel...