1. B

    Gaming Hey wanna colab?

    Lookin for people to colab wit on ps4/ps5( eventually when I get one) DM me on discord @ Bankerealyt#5589 if interested to discuss games n when we can work.
  2. E


  3. T

    Gaming What do you think about mr.beast's new video !?

    Mr beast: I didn't eat food for 30 days https://shrinke.me/tjmO5q
  4. Emma5010

    Animation Looking for Animator/Animatic

    I have a story idea that I would love to put on YouTube, the problem is that I suck at drawing :), so I am looking to collaborate with an animator on YouTube or animatic creator on YouTube to help me put my vision out into the world :). All suggestions, questions or comments are welcome. Also I...
  5. D

    Other https://shrinke.me/nBVX

    indonesian braid horse dance central java
  6. D

    Music https://shrinke.me/y7p4Nzl

    Do you have skills like this?
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  8. D

    PiwDiePie & Beyoncé

    hello, have you seen the new PiwDiePie video? He seems to be doing coloboration with Beyoncé https://shrinke.me/luwdK
  9. 2

    Can't live stream anymore!

    Hello everyone, I was live streaming when all of a sudden my stream went offline and I could no longer stream, I received an email saying that I was not older than 13 and was therefore not allowed to stream live. But I am NOT 13, I AM OLDER, namely 15 ... I can't find any way to contact them...
  10. Keitdstrike

    Gaming need some cool kids to join a youtube group

    Dark humour is allowed Racism is not Sexism is allowed (dishwasher jokes are allowed) We play GMOD,WAW,MKT,CHINEASE MONOPLY Make sure to have non potato mic and your name is not Benebula TeKoh or Nova My Discord is Keitdstrike#7347
  11. S


    Please find a minute and complete this survey on YouTube . We guys will try to solve your problems.
  12. 2desitravelers

    New York Travel Series - vlog 01

  13. K

    Music victory time - original song

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd3QpAh4TN6tXqLxUrlgorA go like and comment on my new song and hope you enjoy it!
  14. MrDillaB

    Ways to advertise your channel

    Hey, I am having trouble finding ways to advertise my channel, If ever have ideas Please leave a comment
  15. AfrikanGoku

    Anybody Here a Naruto Fan or Plays Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4??

    This is my most recent upload to the Naruto Storm 4 online ranked series that I am currently working on. Anybody here play Storm 4 or is a big Naruto or Boruto fan? I'd love to discuss the anime or play an online match with anyone who is interested. Also, if you like my content please subscribe...
  16. MillieCan

    Advice on getting my first 200 subscribers?

    I cant seem to get out of the 120's range. I am going to begin consistent post,I have a video I am editing tomorrow. But beyond this, I have been so discouraged by the same sub range. I have patience and I am willing to learn. I know it comes wit time, but getting out of this zone feels impossible.
  17. M

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with! (PS4) - 2k / Fortnite / Warframe

    Hey guys, I am looking for new and upcoming youtubers like myself to collaborate with and create enjoyable content. I only just over 100 subscribers and not many views, but I believe, by collaborating and creating content together, we will each be able to benefit off the videos created. Please...
  18. Civilly Barbaric

    Animation Software?!

    Hi , not sure if this is the right thread but ill give it a go, Trying to get in to animating on youtube and need some advice. Any good free animation software to use for beginners? I was told Krita was one , but don't know anything about. Any specific tutorials? Any beginner tips and tricks...
  19. EJ Hoffman-Stinson


    Hey everyone, just wanted to post and say my channel just hit over 500 views. Next milestone is 75 subs and i only need 1 sub to do that.
  20. mattsealey123

    Deceit Gameplay, What do you think of the game?!

    Really enjoy this game, so much fun to play with friends or alone...what do you think?! let me know :) More videos of this game to come!
  21. D-Red Beatz Games

    What Do You Do To Stay Consistant

    Having a busy schedule can make it real hard to stay on schedule, so what are some thoughts or tricks you use to keep it going.
  22. A

    "Sorry, your Youtube account is already connected to "my channel name" "

    A Network send me an invitation on my dashboard. I followed the steps to accept the terms, when at the end this message appears. It says my account is already connected to my channel. Before viewing the invitation, I activated the monetization and created a google adsense account. I think it's...
  23. Arachnophobik

    YouTube Heroes?

    Who the hell is in charge of youtube's maintenance? In case you guys didn't know, there's a new feature which allows people to MASS FLAG videos, which in their terms "Become a Hero". -_- I feel like this is gunna be a huge threat to a lot of channels, and I dunno where they're trying to go with...
  24. orlyluvjemma

    Wohoooo hit 1,000 Divas

    Sick with strep and new to this group. Wanted to share I hit 1,000 Divas(what I call subscribers ) last night. Hope to add a few more from this group. Take care and wohoo!!!!
  25. captkho

    Services Need people with creativity for my YouTube & Soundcloud

    Hello! Eschelonsquad is a music group that produces trvp music. We are all about communicating and helping each other out. We are looking for people who are creative and make logos, designs, and other things related to art. If you would like to help us out and receive proper credit let us...
  26. Hiroto

    How to promote your channel

    I feel like getting your channel and your videos out there is pretty important, but, how do you guys promote your channel so that more people can see your work? What websites do you post and stuff?
  27. Welcome2Internet

    Feedback for Feedback!

    I make satirical videos first of all with a dash of dry humor. I use characters to visualize my jokes and edits to keep the tempo up. I would like feedback on the following aspects: BANNER: How does my banner look? Is it catchy? Is it welcoming? Etc. THUMBNAILS: Do the thumbnail's catch your...
  28. 3rikMooreGaming

    Gaming Looking for PC Gamers!!!

    I am looking for someone to play some steam games or something comment your skype below and I will add you I have a lot of games so yeah! I am also looking for someone with close to the same amount of subs as me.
  29. bazerath

    Monetizing questions! HELP!

    i've read a lot about monetizing and have also watched a lot of videos just to educate myself before i get into monetizing my videos. i was going to go with a network but i honestly don't really need the services they provide right now. i'm just worried i don't know enough about monetizing my...
  30. bazerath

    Booya! I Just Hit 100 subs!

    Man O Man what an exiting goal to have reached. This channel has been so much fun to work on, its truly something i enjoy and look forward to every day. Because i was more or less able to reach my goal around the new year, right now would be an ok time to post my new year resolution. i'm hoping...