1. Roldoy

    Request Just uploaded a new video ! Check it out for the awesome intro ..........

  2. Roldoy

    I'm here to gossip and promote my channel

    Write anything you want in the comments !
  3. S

    Promoting my channel

    Hi Guys i would love if you can watch my videos and support my channel link is down below Youtube Link:
  4. J

    Will Adding CC to Old Videos Hurt or Help Views

    I know now that editing old videos resets the YT algorithm for that video, so it's considered a no-no. Does this same advice hold true for going back and adding close captioning to an older video?
  5. Adventure Campitelli

    5000 Views today

    Just hit 5000 views about 1 hour ago! Half way to making big bucks ;) And just like that I hit another milestone, 50 Subs!
  6. L337H4X0RZZ

    Today, I hit 20,000 views!

    Hello all. Despite me not being active on YouTube for a while due to family and personal issues, I decided to check my overall view count this morning when I woke up to see this: While dealing with the family and personal problems I mentioned, I completely dropped a lot of my hobbies, this...
  7. C

    How to get more subscriber and more views without seo?

    How to get more subscriber and more views without seo? SEO so difficult to do so have anyone have ideas about get views without seo?
  8. Zaki Family Playlab

    How to get more views?

    Hi, I have doing a research on how to get my videos view but most of the time I get fail. Do you have any method please?
  9. Tarek 47

    Many Views But Few Likes

    Hi, guys, I'm new member here and I have youtube channel with more than 1700 subscribers my channel has more than 2 years old and I was making videos but not regular like 1 video in 3 months or more so I wasn't worried about views and likes and comments in the start I was making different...
  10. H

    fastest and Easiest way to make Thumbnails

    After some search, I found that having thumbnails for your video is quite important to get more views. I wonder if there is a quick and easy way to make thumbnails. I own a game first look youtube channel. Do I do thumbnail for each video? what are your suggestions? btw, method better be free
  11. O Legit or a scam??

    I saw this on Reddit the other day under the youtube subreddit. Someone claims this is not a scam and legit just because it's free. Wanted other opinions. They have a free mode and a premium pay mode. It helps increase views.
  12. BulletGaming

    Help on understanding channel discovery

    Hey guys, So I created my channel as a brand account back in 2013 as we have multiple individuals who have access to the channel for uploads, yet, mainly it's myself who has been doing the uploading. Now as a lot probably know from my YT account. Our name isn't exactly unique, I can appreciate...
  13. Aerdian

    View Count Help

    Hello, I have 2 videos up on YouTube and YouTube says my total view count is 26, which is incorrect. If I add up the two videos, 38 and 51, I get 89. It seems I should have 89 views, but YouTube says I only have 26. Will it update and correct itself eventually or is there a way to fix this?

    My Views on my video are frozen and I lost views !!! Pls help !

    Hey guys ! I recently posted a video and it racked up more than 313 views on the first night ! However, the next morning, the view count froze and then jumped down to 75 ! now its stuck at 105 ! :( Please help. Anyone have an idea on how to fix it or contact youtube to fix it ?
  15. Testing Your Neurons

    Need your feedback on my newest quiz

    So I've published a new quiz with China as a subject and it doesn't seem to be getting any views compared to my other geography quizzes.. any idea why?
  16. Nedko Chulev

    My first milestone!

    Hey guys, I am very happy to announce that my channel has finally hit 500 views! It's stunning when I think about it but it's also super motivating for me and I am pumped to make more and more awesome content for everyone in my small community! On another note, one of my videos is close to...
  17. joegio13

    You guys are awesome

    I joined this site recently and I am just blown away. I have gone on to a couple of your pages and am just so energized and invigorated here. Every time I go on one of your youtube sites it's like I become a instant fan. I want the best for your channels and get excited when I see you hit...
  18. artiflex

    How to stop looking at the view count?

    Do you guys experience that too when you uploaded a video that you always want to see if the video got more views already? It looks like an addiction, in the beginning I had it always a lot, now I force myself to not watch at the view count after I promoted it. Does anyone experience this too...
  19. Ballistic

    My dog plays Call Of Duty

  20. Ermelin

    800+ views in 4 days ? Are they REAL views?

    Hi guys, I had received over 800 views on one of my vlogs in the last 4 days. I usually get anything from 0-40 views, except for another 2 vlogs that I got 400+ views and 1,400+ views. I wonder if people are finding my vlogs due to the title or if they are fake views? Spam? I see that the...
  21. Joshua Solano

    I already have 20 subscribers with almost 2000 views on my channel!

    Hi! As you've read in the thread, I've got 20 subscribers with almost 2000 views! That's mental. The amount of effort I've put in the channel is quite gruesome, but worth it. Check out my channel guys and help Maharlika grow! :) Search these terms if you have time: kickass Filipina actress who...
  22. A

    views went down!

    the views on my channel wnet down and i dont know why! anyone could help? maybe tips and tricks to get my channel come back steady? i used to had more views than my subscribers number, but now its not even reach half of the number of my subscribers! please help!!
  23. FernandoMask

    What is the most searched thing on Youtube?

    Most viewed video or searcher?
  24. Willyghee


    I'm extremely happy with myself although this is a low number It gives me the motivation to achieve my next goal 200 subscribers! 3 days ago i was at 37 subs and now I'm at 100! Thank you everyone for all the support and checkout my new upload on my channel! :) Thanks, Will
  25. Cynikal

    Massive Drop in Views/Viewership?

    So I've been posting on this channel for about 4 months now, gained a few good friends and went through some massive changes. Now, most of my subscribers are other youtubers/streamers and all have told me that my videos are awesome and I deserve xxx amount of subscribers. This I find hard to...
  26. ComicDj

    Other Comic Book Channel seeking Collab!

    Hello everyone, I am seeking another comic book/ super hero channel to collab with. I currently had 439 subs and I am looking to collab with another channel with 300 + subs. I have extremely high energy and I would like to collab with something with a similar passion as myself. If you cover...
  27. themoosan

    6 months on YouTube!

    hi I'm themoosan, I have now been on YouTube for 6 months and I love making videos, I think I need to post a bit more as I have been lacking in uploads but in half a year I have got 61 subs and about 1,200 views :) I'm pretty happy with that. Goal for 2016 is getting to 100 subs and 2,500 views...
  28. javacentral


    It may seem small, but I got over 200 views on a video!! That's a huge step in my mind from where I was.
  29. Sk Jony

    View Increased Suggestion Needed

    I lost my channel views day by day. In the previous week I got 3000+ view per week, but now a days my channel view decrease under 300. What should I do now? :help:
  30. Zivlon


    What's up guys Zivlon here! I am so excited to say that I have got 200 video views and 10 subscribers (Even though YouTube is still stuck at 9, but on my creator studio it says ten)! I am really proud of myself because I only started this channel less than a month ago. Thank you, to everybody...