1. A

    What's wrong with my Minecraft video(Not enough views)

    I use an extension called VidIQ, you've all heard of it. I started a new Minecraft Bedwars content channel(if you don't know its fine), and posted my first video. I included proper tags, a long half-helpful description, and got 43/50 on the SEO. I then used Photoshop to craft a thumbnail. After...
  2. ForbidenProdigy

    Question about Vidiq and Tubebuddy

    So i just have the free versions of both but what confuses me is almost every time I search keywords and check the competition on them one of the apps will say it's worth going for but the other one will say it's not worth it. I never really seem to find them agree on anything. Why is this?
  3. Fitness Buffhq

    TubeBuddy vs. vidIQ

    As the above two tools have many common features, so I am unable decide which one to use and for what. I request the experienced YouTubers to please advise: Which of the above two tools you are using & for WHAT purpose? Like I have installed TubeBuddy and I plan to use it for selecting...
  4. UKHypnotist

    Monetization Tips Video

    I just found a video by the VidIQ channel which addresses both tips for getting to 4000 watch time hours, and stresses a fact that a lot of recently-fledged YouTubers seem to be missing: You don't get immediately monetized upon reaching the review threshold, you only become eligible to join the...
  5. J

    VidIQ: How To Filter Videos By Subscribers Driven?

    Hey fellow Youtubers, As the title says, how do you filter competitor videos by subscribers driven? Anyone know or a similar technique that achieves the same result? Thanks!
  6. DePhil

    Easy Video SEO Score using free Chrome extension and Website

    Dear Community, after a lot of small YouTubers asked on wich way they could get more views and a better ranking on their video tags, I have the answer for your problems. There are serval programs and sites offering you this SEO optimization, but the problem is the most of them want a monthly...
  7. IceTwig

    Tube buddy vs VidIQ

    Not 100% sure if this is the correct are to post this. I've been using the free version VidIQ for some time, I have no intentions to pay for it because of the large monthly fee for it. I've seen the ad, on this site and some others for TubeBuddy. So my question is which one in everyone's...
  8. HereBeBarr

    Tubebuddy vs Vid IQ

    Hi, Does anybody use the premium version of either Tubebuddy or VidIQ? I'm looking for the one that will help me pick high searched terms for tags/description/title use. I know Tubebuddy has a ton of features though, but right now i'm enjoying VidIQ. Has anybody used the pro version of either...
  9. Yachts For Sale

    VIDIQ Question

    I am uploading a video today and wanted to make a special effort with the SEO, so I'm using the VidIQ tool. As the video is uploading I notice that I rank 5/5 for tag count, 5/5 for keywords in title, but 0/5 for keywords in description, and 0/5 for tripled keywords (that I understand to be...
  10. JustinJoubert

    Have you seen a increase in views and/or subscribers

    Hey guy's just wanted to find out have any of you experienced a substantial growth in views by using things like vidiq or tubebuddy, and if you have what type of growth have you experienced small, meduim or large
  11. WayneOnABeat

    Question about VidIQ

    Has anyone else experience this issue when trying to add recommended tags in VidIQ? I'm trying to avoid individually adding/removing each tag. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  12. javacentral

    Tubebuddy vs Vidiq?

    I use tubebuddy and it seems pretty good so far. I've just recently stumbled upon Vidiq and was going to see which one would be more useful in terms of tags, advertising, and getting your videos out there.
  13. UserU

    ScaleLab or Union for Gamers?

    I'm in a dilemma between choosing one. The tax issue with UfG hasn't been clarified yet and ScaleLab has got back to me on the application. However SL is only offering 70/30 after a rep messaged via email (contrary to their 80% in their T&C) and I'm unsure if they still have VidIQ while UfG...
  14. Toast Gaming

    TubeBuddy and Vidiq giving conflicting keyword results?

    Hi all, I've been using TubeBuddy for a while now but wanted to check out Vidiq to see if it was a worthwhile product. I noticed in doing some keyword research that I was getting conflicting results between the two when it came to keyword search volume and competitiveness. Has anyone else...