valentine's day

  1. Dice Rollen

    Commentary Looking for a Fellow Narrator to Collab on a Short Story Compilation

    I'd like to host a collab of my for Valentine's Day with short horror stories themed for the holiday. I've got the stories picked out, there are six total. The idea is that we each do three stories & I'll put them together in the video so it switches from one to the other. A story you narrated...
  2. Mr Danny

    Post-Valentine's Day Break-Up

    Love is dead, long-live love! Love oil (like olive oil but not) Anyways, Valentine's Day happened, people broke up, here's how to do it. Boom! Efficient video description.
  3. Meredith Bryan

    What I got for Valentines Day! ~Kids edition!

    Want to find out what Maddie got for Valentines Day!! I try not to go overboard with gifts for her.. This time I think I was right in the middle!! Don't forget to give me a thumbs up!! I'm a daily vlogger.. I up everyday at 9am:)
  4. darkstarmedia

    The Language of Flowers!

    Every flowers holds a special meaning or message, but it's a lot more complicated and hilarious than you think. Happy Valentine's Day!
  5. darkstarmedia

    HYF - Be My Valentine (Podcast)

    So every month, myself and my best friend Toya record a podcast and talk about pretty much whatever we fancy, really. This time, our focus is primarily on Valentine's Day, so if podcasts are your thing or you're just looking for some background noise while you work, why not give us a listen and...
  6. AntoNeo

    Valentine's Day Q&A

    Hey guys, I want to make a fun Q&A video,and since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I was wondering if you had any Questions about your dating/love life that maybe I could answer in a video! As a guy who is a shy extrovert but with great social skills, I might have the perspective that...
  7. Diego Villarreal

    New type of video in my channel!! Should I stick with it??

    Hey guys, so I had only uploaded magic videos in the past, but this weekend I had this Valentine's Day idea and went out to record!! Should I do more of these videos or should I stick to magic?? Here's the link to my video: Thanks!!
  8. D

    Review on my last video?

    Hey guys! I uploaded a video about how my Valentine's Day was.... So I would love it if you would watch my video and maybe give it a like and maybe a comment if you liked it as I say I LOVE constructive feedback! Thank you so much guys and happy late Valentine's!
  9. darkstarmedia

    Weird Wedding Traditions!

    Happy Valentine's Day, my beautiful people! In love or otherwise, join me for some really interesting facts on the weirdest wedding traditions!
  10. ShyGirlGetsLoud

    Are you making a Valentine's Themed Video?

    Hey Guys! Something I find really enjoyable is watching a variety of Youtubers of all genres commit to a "holiday themed video. so I was wondering? Do you plan to make a Valentine's Themed video? -how will you spin it? How do you feel about holiday themed video?
  11. Medic ene

    Why do we love?

    Have you ever wondered why we fall in love? come find out:)
  12. darkstarmedia

    Hey, Guys! I Need Your Help!

    Hello, everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely day/night/phrase relating to time that is relevant to your respective time zones. As we all know, Valentine's Day is coming up, and I'm looking to create an educational video in honour of that. I'm just a little stuck on what focus on, as there...
  13. Rehannah

    Need Questions for Valentine's Day Q&A

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about uploading a Valentine's Day Q&A some time soon and I was wondering if you can leave questions below? Nothing inappropriate or weird. Anyways thanks in advance ~Rehannah
  14. Jon Brooks

    I Love You...

    Send this "I Love You" Youtube video love message to your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend to show them how much you love and care for them. Understand the necessity of showing your love to someone. Some people assume that if they love another person, the other person is simply going to know...